DNA Testing Company Caught Working With The FBI

Source: YouTube

Yesterday someone sent me a video by the YouTube channel The Young Turks called DNA Testing Company Caught Working With The FBI:

If this is true then Family Tree DNA lied to me and others, I had my genealogical autosomal DNA test done by Family Tree DNA specifically because they had the best privacy policy out of the big three genealogical DNA testing companies and I wanted to reduce the risk of something like this happening, and so I took a risk finally and I chose them over possibly better options because of their supposed better protections of our DNA / data.

If you are curious here were my results in a post called: John Jr’s Family Tree DNA Family Finder Genealogical DNA Test Results 😲.

Last year I heard about law enforcement using DNA data from one or more DNA testing companies, two of the other big three DNA testing companies claimed to not be involved, but I never heard anyone mention Family Tree DNA so I hoped that they were not involved in that; but if this is true then we were betrayed, and I am not happy about this at all.

If this is true then Family Tree DNA has lost me as a customer over this betrayal, I was cautious and worried about something like this possibly happening so that is why I waited so long before finally taking a risk and trying a DNA test, and I did some research before finally choosing the company with the best privacy policy only to have something like this happen to me.

Thank you The Young Turks for bringing this to our attention.


Family Tree DNA released an oddly titled press release about this issue called PRESS RELEASE: CONNECTING FAMILIES AND SAVING LIVES.

If what they are saying is true then the situation is not as bad as reported, but I still have questions and concerns about this situation.

-John Jr

6 replies on “DNA Testing Company Caught Working With The FBI”

Hello The Fattest Leech,

Thank you, and thank you for indirectly helping me realize that I forgot to link my DNA test results ( in this post. 😀

I agree that there are some scary things on the horizon (to go along with the things already going on now).

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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It is good that people are looking in to this. Thank you for sharing the link. I am going to share it with my cousin who had her DNA read about two years ago. I told her then she was brave because of these reasons you are writing about now. This service really should be for the good of people, not bad. That whole “with great power comes great responsibility” idea 🙂 Keep up the great work on your blog.

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Hello The Fattest Leech,

I agree, you are welcome, and thank you; and may your cousin’s DNA information stay safe, and good luck with your blog too (I hope that you will consider blogging about various topics as well, and maybe making it easier for people to find your latest posts and / or your posts in order from newest to oldest 😉 ). 🙂

Thank you for replying,
-John Jr


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