Pauline Croze (Édition Limitée)

Pauline Croze (Édition Limitée)
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What is it?

The 2005 limited edition music album Pauline Croze Édition Limitée by the French musician Pauline Croze:

What is it about?

This is how Wikipedia describes this album:

Pauline Croze is the first album by Pauline Croze, recorded in 2004 and released in February 2005, containing songs by Doriand and by Mickaël Furnon of the group Mickey 3D.

Track listing
“Mise à nu” – 3:29
“Dans la chaleur des nuits de pleine lune” – 2:23
“M’en voulez-vous?” – 3:01
“Jeunesse affamée” – 3:35
“T’es beau” – 2:43
“Quand je suis ivre” – 3:28
“Je suis floue” – 1:52
“Je ferai sans” – 3:18
“Larmes” – 2:36
“Tita” – 3:22
“Femme fossile” – 3:08
“Mal assis” – 5:20

My Thoughts

Here is my review of this album on Amazon from back in 2009:

This Édition Limitée (Limited Edition) of Pauline Croze’s first album, Pauline Croze, is my current favorite album; it comes with two bonus songs and a short DVD.

I first heard Pauline Croze’s music by accident one day while listening to a French online radio station, and I fell in love with her music.

Ever since then she has been my favorite music artist and this album is my current favorite album.

Pauline Croze appears to be a music artist with a lot of potential due to her pretty balanced set of skills with writing lyrics, composing music, singing, and playing guitar.

She is not the best in either category but the combination makes her a nicely balanced music artist with a nice voice, interesting lyrics, and a more natural sound to her guitar rhythms & music.

I may not understand that much of the French language yet, but her music has really connected with me, and I hope to hear a lot more music from her in the future.

I would definitely recommend anyone to listen to this album, her other albums, and her other songs.

The first Pauline Croze song that I ever heard was the song T’es Beau, I heard it one day on my computer when I was listening to an online French radio station that possibly later became Virgin Radio (France), the song caught my attention and it kind of reminded me of a lullaby or something like that because of its soothing sound; and so I looked to see what the song was called and who is was by, and then I went looking for more music by her.

I then found her first album which was her self-titled album Pauline Croze, and it instantly became my favorite music album until this day.

This album helped me during some of the roughest times in my life and has possibly help save my life, it inspired me to make several attempts at learning other languages like French, it inspired me to want to learn how to play classical guitar, it made French my first choice in languages to learn, it made French music my most popular non-English language genre of music, the bonus DVD in this limited edition gave a never seen before glimpse into the life of Pauline Croze (I wish that the video was on YouTube or that I could upload it without having to worry about copyright strikes et cetera), it is the current record holder of my longest favorite music album and it is still my favorite album at this time, it made me more interested in France and French culture, and songs from this album have probably appeared in more of my dreams than songs from any other album.

Some of my favorite songs from this music album are (in order as they appear on the album, and not in order by which I like best):

The song Mise À Nu which is one of my favorite Pauline Croze songs, it is a special song that has its own unique mood and feel and emotion, and it is one of those songs that seems to have a bit more soul(?) and poeticness to it; and it is a song that I can imagine being listened to alone while deep in thought when the lighting outside and inside is not bright, and I can imagine this song being performed in front of a small crowd in the dark with a dim light.

The song Dans La Chaleur Des Nuits De Pleine Lune, which I can imagine being played live outside with just a classical guitar as people walk by, and when riding on a small boat down a river or something.

The song M’en Voulez-Vous?, which I can imagine being played indoors with good lighting in front of a crowd on television on a music show on an open raised stage with a band, followed by an interview.

The song Jeunesse Affamée which is another one of my favorite Pauline Croze songs, this is one of those songs that I can play some air classical guitar to (well usually I use my knuckles and fingertips to make a beat and strum along with the song) 😀 , this is one of those nicely balanced songs where she sings and plays with more life than usual and it would probably be a nice song to use as an introduction to Pauline Croze’s music.

The song T’es Beau which has a soothing lullaby-like feeling / mood to it, and I can imagine this song being played outside with just a classical guitar at a college campus during a nice sunny day in a quiet area with plants on the steps of an auditorium and / or an art and music department building as a few people walk by occasionally.

The song Quand Je Suis Ivre which is a more emotional song that I can imagine being played with just a classical guitar indoors in dim lighting in a small restaurant in front of a small crowd.

The song Je Ferai Sans which is possibly her fastest and angriest song ever, and I can imagine this song being played with an electric classical guitar or an electric steel string guitar or an acoustic classical guitar indoors in front of a small crowd in a mostly empty art gallery.

The song Larmes which I can imagine being played in maybe a botanical garden near a waterfall with backup singers.

The song Tita which I can imagine being one of her early songs that she probably played alone with just a classical guitar in small cafés and anywhere else where they would let her perform live, and I can imagine being inside a small cafe / bakery in France with a window view to the sidewalk and street while eating and drinking and enjoying this song being performed on a nice day.

The song Femme Fossile which I can imagine being played inside a studio.

The song M’en Voulez-Vous Encore? which I can imagine being played outside with a band during a live performance at a music festival.

Some of my least favorite songs from this music album are:

The song Je Suis Floue, I like live performances of this song better than the album version, the album version is too short and it is too abrupt at the end.

The song Mal Assis which appears at the end of the normal album, is a bit too slow, is a bit too long, and so it is one of the songs that I listen to the least on this album.

The song You’re The One That I Want which is the only English language song on the album, it is a cover of a song from the movie Grease, and it is probably my least favorite song on the album but it is cool to hear her singing in English.

I give this music album a 5 out of 5, and I definitely recommend listening to the album even if you can not understand most of the lyrics (like me).

The end

-John Jr

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