Near Miss

Matthew // Normal Happenings from Normal Happenings gave several other bloggers and I a blogging challenge called NEAR MISS | DAILY INKLING.

Here is the challenge:

Write a blog post inspired by today’s Daily Inkling:


Describe the closest you’ve ever come to getting into a deadly accident, but nothing bad ultimately ended up happening.

Here is my response:

One day years ago back when I was still in public school my dad and I went to visit one of his male coworkers or former coworkers who lived in the countryside of the city of D with his wife.

He had invited us to come shoot a small .25 ACP caliber pistol that we had bought for my mom for self-defense, I had never shot a real gun before and I was not expecting this small pistol to be loud at all, and so I thought that there would be nothing to it.

After talking with him and his wife for a while, my dad’s coworker or former coworker walked us to the forest behind his house to shoot the pistol at an old plastic 5 gallon paint bucket, and I went to shoot the pistol first.

When I fired the first shot it was so loud to my surprise and shock that I jumped and the pistol fell from my hands so I caught it, but when I caught it the pistol was pointing at and on my stomach and I almost pulled the trigger by accident when I tried to catch it in a panic; and so I almost shot myself in the stomach by accident.

After that scare I handed the pistol to my dad for him to shoot, then maybe my dad’s coworker or former coworker possibly shot the pistol, and then we walked back to the house because I was still shaken up and scared and embarrassed after almost shooting myself like that by accident and being shocked by how loud that small pistol was (how can something so small be so loud?).

It took me a while to shoot a gun again after this experience (I did again eventually), eventually we got rid of that gun, and I learned some important lessons that day.

The end,

-John Jr

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