A Charlize Theron-Like Terminator?

Dream 1

This dream involved jumping between a virtual reality (VR) video game and / or world and the normal dream world.

At some point in maybe the normal dream world, I was in a bedroom.

Across the room in a bed was a young man with light-color skin with a virtual reality headset on who was playing a virtual reality video game or something; then I noticed a fire appear on the bed next to him.


Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 2012 anime movie Mass Effect: Paragon Lost.

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this animated movie:

An untold chapter in the Mass Effect saga, following the early career of Alliance Marine, James Vega, as he leads a squad of elite special forces into battle against a mysterious alien threat known as The Collectors.

Stationed at a colony in a remote star system, Vega and his troops must protect the inhabitants from an invasion of the deadly insectoid warriors determined to collect the population for unknown purposes.

Soon after the attack, Vega’s commanding officer falls in battle, forcing the young officer to embrace the responsibility of leadership for the colony’s survival.

Having idolized Earth’s greatest hero and warrior, Commander Shepard (the central character in the Mass Effect video games), the young and idealistic Vega must now make life and the death decisions that will effect not only the lives of his squad, but the lives of every person in the colony – all of whom he has sworn to protect.

Fighting valiantly for every life in his hands, Vega soon discovers the path of heroism is not as glamorous as he envisioned, and that victory in war always comes with a heavy price; the end of innocence, the sacrifice of one’s ideals and ultimately, the loss of those closest to him.

Final Thoughts

I found out about this movie recently when I saw a thumbnail of the movie cover online, I did not know about it, but I have played and completed the first three Mass Effect video games years ago so I was interested in watching this movie once I found out about it.

I did not expect to like the animation and I did not think that this movie would be that good, the animation was not as bad as I had thought, but it should have been more detailed and realistic in my opinion but at least it was acceptable enough.

I did not really like or care about the character James Vega in the Mass Effect video games that much and I do not think that he should have had his own movie, but to my surprise this movie did a better job with his character so they made him a more interesting and likable character in this movie than in the video games to my surprise.

This movie was better than I had expected but I did not like how they had some of the soldiers acting with some of them sexually harassing people, joking too much, and not doing so great as soldiers.

I also do not like how the Asari scientist Treeya Nuwani was mostly useless and she seemed to have no biotic abilities and no fight in her at all which is confusing and shocking, and there were some other changes and mistakes and design decisions that were made that I did not like.

This movie was a bit too action focused and limited in its focus and the defenses and professionalism of most of the main characters was embarrassingly lacking, but it was better than expected and it improved upon the character of James Vegas giving you a better understanding of his character and showing some of the serious choices he had to make in his past.

The end,

-John Jr