Time Travel Interrupted | Vacationing In An Island Country | Hood Kids And Eggplants

I had a variety of clearer than normal dreams that I woke up remembering in more detail than usual, I even took a moment to think about them to record them, but I guess I kept going back to sleep without recording them by accident so unfortunately most of those clearly remembered dreams are forgotten now.

Fortunately I managed to remember part of a couple of my dreams, but I still lost the ones that I wanted to record.

Dream 1

I actually had this dream when I fell asleep on the living room couch for longer than expected before getting in bed.

This dream involved time travel with some people going back in time to maybe stop an event involving a gang, they made it back in time, but rival gang of the gang that they were going to stop interrupted their mission.

The time travelers and maybe some of the gang that they were trying to stop got taken hostage, the time travelers group had several men and women in the group, but the other people did not know that they were time travelers.

Fortunately for them the rival gang did not ruin their mission completely, this rival gang actually ended up accidentally helping them achieve their mission while achieving another good act that I can not remember, and so they just needed to survive the hostage situation so that they could return back to the future now that their mission was a success.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was probably several continuing and connected dreams that I had that involved what seemed to be me and some of my family vacationing to an island country that alternated (including most of the citizens) between being like Hawaii, Samoa, India, and finally a completely fictional country at the end.

The first part of this dream was probably inspired by a YouTube video that I saw yesterday called Everything Wrong With Slumdog Millionaire:

The first part of this dream was definitely inspired by the movie Slumdog Millionaire so the island country (and its citizens) was more like India, and so throughout this part of the dream there was some contrast between poor citizens and richer tourists.

Some of my family and I seemed to be vacationing here, and we walked around to various areas indoors and outdoors together and separately.

I saw and heard and maybe briefly talked to the actor Woody Harrelson during this part of the dream as I walked around through stores, shops, a shopping mall, et cetera.

At some point I remember going through an area that reminded me of the family room at The E House combined with something else, in this area was an arcade and / or computer-like thing with some very old CRT television screens and / or monitors, and some poor children with light-medium to medium-color skin with black hair.

I stopped in this area at the arcade or computer, the children approached me, and so I talked with them and I maybe gave them some money and / or bought something from them and / or paid them for something; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

A second part of this dream was more Samoa-like and / or Hawaii-like (there was possibly another part of this dream that I can not remember so both of these are probably correct) on the island country, I spent more time in a shopping mall-like building, and there I met some of my former male classmates from Eastside like maybe my former male classmates MW and MJ et cetera.

Throughout this part of the dream I met two or three women who were citizens of the island country, they each worked in a part of this building, and they each had different contrasting personalities et cetera.

Throughout this part of the dream I kept trying to decide which of the women I liked best or something like that, they kept interacting with me almost like they were competing against each other, but I am not sure.

Most or all of the women worked with their grandmother or mother at some stands in the building, and they all had light-medium to medium-color skin.

One of the women was more traditional and liked to live a more simple honest humble life and planned on living in the island country for the rest of her life, a second woman was the most attractive and she was more interested in getting rich and moving forward and getting out of the country and was vain and she reminded me of the American Horror Story character Madison Montgomery, and I can not remember the third woman now but maybe she was the most balanced of the three.

I never did get to finish making a decision on which of them I liked better, and maybe which I would buy some products from if I had not done so already.

The last part of this dream involved a completely fictional country version of the island country with a focus on religion, there were several different religions on the island, and the main religion seemed to be based on light.

There was an old woman and her younger female apprentice / maybe granddaughter who practiced a smaller looked down on religion that possibly involved summoning and darkness, and so many others probably considered it more evil.

The old woman and her apprentice were showing off their religion a bit, there seemed to be some real paranormal / supernatural stuff with it, and so it seemed to be real.

They could summon some kind of stand-like thing and maybe some darkness and some other miracles, but other people still were not interested and looked down on their religion as evil et cetera.

I watched from a distance as they did some demonstrations of the power of their religion, and at the end of the dream we were outside by a dock-like area during the evening.

Something was going on where the people needed help, and so they were trying to use their light religion to get help without luck which made their religion seem fake or weaker than the other.

The old woman and her apprentice summoned something and bragged about this telling the others to use their religion instead of the light religion, but they refused.

A man from the light religion walked over to them, he noticed a bit of the power of the light religion on the edge of the docks near the water, it looked like a stand-like statue head of maybe a nun surrounded by a bit of light so he walked over to it challenging the old woman to walk over to witness the power of the light religion.

The old woman looked scared and was no longer bragging, she refused to walk over there like getting too close to the power of the light religion would hurt her or something, and so the man laughed now that the light religion was proven to have some power after all.

But the the stand-like nun head-like statue thing faded away, first the light faded, and then it all disappeared like the power of the light religion was too weak in this area.

So now the people still needed something to help them with this situation, maybe they were going to start praying and doing some rituals or something to maybe try to strengthen the power of their religion, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I had to go back and add this dream to this post after my mom said something that helped me to remember this dream.

This dream started at my parent’s house, I went outside in the yard during the day, something happened that I can not remember where I ended up talking with The Hood Kids (I nicknamed them this because they almost always wear hoodies / hooded sweatjackets with the hoods on even when it is not cold).

I decided to teach The Hood Kids something constructive that they could do since they look and act like they have nothing else to do, and so I asked them if they had ever had fried eggplant before and they replied no.

I told them that my dad had fried some egg plant recently and that it tasted like a healthier alternative to french fries / potatoes, and that cooked egg plant could possibly be used as a meat and mushroom substitute as well maybe.

I then invited them inside and I showed them how to prepare and cook fried eggplant, even though I have not done this myself before in real life, and then I let them have the cooked food and I said goodbye to them.

I then told this story to one or more of my coworkers at work at The BP Library during the dream, my female coworker JB was possibly one of the people I told this to in the dream, and I felt good that I had taught The Hood Kids something positive and I hoped that would encourage them to start cooking and doing something more constructive with their time since they do not seem to go to school or college or work et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr


Luther | Comic Relief

What Is It?

I finally saw a Luther themed comedy sketch video on YouTube that was made for a good cause by the YouTube channel Comic Relief called Luther | Comic Relief:

Idris Elba and sports stars in Luther | Comic Relief

What Is It About?

Here is the description for this video:

Here’s a holiday treat – Idris Elba dons his infamous Luther coat to uncover a serious case of hilarity in an unmissable sketch originally for Sport Relief 2016.

The super sleuth is joined by Lenny Henry, Rio Ferdinand, David Haye, Denise Lewis, Cecilia Noble, Louis Smith, Ruth Wilson and Ian Wright.

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