Traveling With Dashie (Charlie Guzman) | A Brawl With Arrests

After watching Toonami I went to sleep on the couch and I stayed on the couch for most of the time that I slept, and so most of my dreams are forgotten except for barely part of several dreams.

Dream 1

I possibly had a dream with my female coworker JB in it.

In the dream, I probably felt that she had a negative reaction to me and / or something that I did or said and / or she was just not in a good mood, but I can not remember.

This was how I interpreted her facial expression(s), body language, what she said or did not say and how she said it or did not say it, et cetera, but I could have been wrong.

That is all that I can remember of this possible dream or part of a dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me traveling around the world with Dashie (Charlie Guzman).

I am not sure if I was one of his bodyguards or assistants or friends or if I had won this opportunity or how or why I was traveling around with him.

Either way, I was traveling around with him as he made various guest appearances et cetera.

Dashie had bodyguards, maybe I helped with security a bit as well, but I am not sure, I just know that Dashie was a celebrity and would attend various functions around the world.

There would be fans / crowds of people waiting outside of many of the places that we went to, security and his bodyguards would even scout ahead and help secure the area.

Dashie would probably greet fans and sign autographs and take photographs et cetera with them before entering each building.

I remember checking with the security and bodyguards sometimes to see what the situation was, to make sure that things were secured, and to maybe make suggestions et cetera.

I also probably helped Dashie with some things, and he would probably get me to take part in some various fun activities during our travels.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream started at a school or college on an upper floor of a building, my parents, and my brother GC had possibly traveled with me here, and so perhaps I was signing up for this school or college and / or doing orientation et cetera.

At some point I heard an argument coming down a hallway from an area between two hallways where people could hang out and study et cetera, and so I walked for a closer look.

I saw what looked like several police officers and several people wearing normal clothes standing over some students who were zipped tied and were on their knees like they had just been arrested.

Most or all of the students had dark-color skin and some were possibly from Eastside, and other students were watching.

One of the people helping the police was my former male schoolmate TC, I guess he was security or undercover security.

He was arguing with one of the arrested male students that he had just zip tied, and he even pushed the student who was on his knees and he dared him to get up and fight him.

I assumed that the student was angry that TC was helping the police and had probably called TC some bad names, and I assumed that made TC angry and lash out at the student.

The student dared TC to cut the zip ties, then he would see what happens.

TC did not cut him free, and TC responded in a way that signaled that he did not think that the student could defeat him in a fight.

As the police and security took the arrested students away, I asked one of the students watching what had happened.

The student told me that a fight had broken out in this area, and then many people joined it, so it became a large brawl.

Somehow, the police and security arrived very quickly before things got bad.

I wondered and asked how did the police and security get there so fast, and our guess was that they happened to be in the building already and maybe some were already on this floor.

I am not sure if this is the same dream or not, I remember my parents, my brother GC, various other parents and students and school / college employees, and I walking to two or more one-story buildings across the street.

The buildings seemed to be dormitories (dorms), and us students or new students were about to get assigned dorm rooms and roommates; this was possibly only temporary, maybe this was only orientation or something, but I am not sure.

In the building that we went into, I remember a hallway on the first floor that went down to an underground floor.

My brother GC and I were assigned as roommates in the same dorm room along with several other men or young men, so there were at least four of us in a small dorm room with at least four beds.

Our building possibly mostly had women or young women in it, I remember leaving the building to go get something, maybe.

When I returned, I was not sure which building was the correct one, so I went into the building on the right side, and it ended up being the correct building.

Our parents and families were sent away for the day or whatever, but then I woke up as possibly I was thinking about finding the bathroom.

The end,

  • John Jr

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