Fleur-De-Lis | Getting A Haircut & Shave

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in maybe a slightly somewhat LC-like city, there was some kind of French / maybe Louisiana / maybe United States-like event taking place, and I remember there being a parade along a road that went past businesses and homes et cetera.

Some people at the event and parade with dark-color skin and light-color skin were wearing maybe medieval-looking armor (including shields for some) and clothing and weapons and maybe some other time period clothing / armor / weapons were featured too that were mostly white and blue, and the fleur-de-lis symbol was used on them; and some of them were on horseback, and their horses had clothing / accessories / armor with the same colors and fleur-de-lis symbols.

This area had a French / Louisiana look and feel to it, some of the houses possibly had a French colonial style, and at some point my brother GC and I left the event / parade by foot to a maybe nice French colonial style house that was really a movie theater.

I possibly had bought a ticket ahead of time but I am not sure, either way I bought a movie ticket to see a movie at 5:00 PM but I can not remember the name of the movie, and my brother GC bought a ticket to see the 2013 movie The Lovers (which I have never seen).

A nice female employee with light-color skin with maybe brown long somewhat curly hair wearing a headscarf was the one that my brother GC and / or I bought the ticket(s) from, for some reason GC chose The Lovers which was about to start now (it was possibly after 2:00 PM at this time) instead of the movie that I chose which started at 5:00 PM, and so I decided to maybe buy a ticket to see The Lovers as well and then maybe watch the movie I chose afterward if there was time.

Something happened that I can not remember where my brother GC went into the cinema room for The Lovers but I left for a moment to maybe go to the bathroom or something first, I got lost on my way back, and I ended up walking through a restaurant that was connected to or part of the building / house until I accidentally ended up outside in an unfamiliar area.

Somehow I got lost outside and I ended up retracing the steps of our journey previously until I finally got back to the movie theater, there was a dog outside barking at me, and the female employee walked outside to see what it was barking at.

I explained my situation to her, she said that I had missed both movies now (somehow several hours had passed) and that everyone was leaving those movies now, and she said sorry and maybe I asked if I could get my money back or use my ticket on another day but I can not remember her response.

People started leaving the movie theater, maybe including my brother GC who I possibly said something to about my situation before he possibly continued walking and / or he somehow was replaced by my male cousin DE or my male cousin DE was somehow there, and DE looked thin and sickly and was weak and he could barely walk.

So now I was stuck in this city with DE who could barely walk without transportation, I missed both movies, and so I wondered what I was going to do now; but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I was with some of my family like my parents and a fictional baby girl with light-color skin who was possibly my fictional sister, but I am not sure who the baby girl was exactly or what her relationship was to me and I just remember getting to hold her and I assume that she was related to me somehow (maybe sister or niece or daughter, but I have no idea).

I remember us maybe walking to a barber shop-like business, that was possibly run from a home but I can not remember, and it was run by a family who were possibly from somewhere in Asia (Asian).

I remember my family waiting nearby with the family who owned this place as a son of the owners, who was just a boy, cut my hair and even some of my body hair with just a manual disposable multi-bladed safety razor, and I did not have my shirt on and I my pants and underwear were slightly pulled down so barely part of the top of my butt was showing.

This was even awkward in the dream, the boy used this razor to cut my hair and shave my face, and then he shaved my back hair and my chest hair and my stomach hair.

This even felt pretty realistic, it felt like really being dry shaved with a razor, and I could feel the pressure and the dryness and the hair cutting and not cutting.

Sometimes the boy had to clean off the razor in a nearby sink, I could see the hair that he would have to clean off and knock off sometimes, and everything seemed real.

Our families were probably watching television and talking nearby during this, the boy finished and managed to do this without cutting me, and we paid and thanked him / them and then we left on foot.

At some point we were probably on our way to our vehicle that was parked along a street, but some of our family members from my mom’s side of the family were having a family gathering in this area as we passed through so we greeted them as we passed by.

I was holding the baby girl and I remember family members being surprised to see me, I remember my uncle CE looking at me with a neutral negative facial expression that I could not really read but him and several other seemed to be signaling that we should stop and join them, and they probably were a bit annoyed that it did not seem that we were going to join them.

Some of them possibly wondered who the baby girl was et cetera, so maybe I heard some of them making guesses, but I am not sure.

I woke up as we reached our automobile.

The end,

-John Jr

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