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Dream 1

Before briefly falling asleep on the living room couch I was watching anime on Toonami and reading the book The Dune Encyclopedia, and when I possibly briefly fell asleep I possibly had a dream, but I could be wrong.

I possibly remember hearing the name Saint Alia Of The Knife (Alia Atreides), who I was reading about in that book, before possibly briefly falling asleep.

I am not sure if I had a dream about this or if that is just a memory from before I possibly briefly fell asleep before getting in bed.

If it was from a dream, then I was possibly on the planet Arrakis in the capital city of Arrakeen in or near a market-like area during the day.

Maybe a man, maybe a Fremen, said the name Saint Alia Of The Knife.

In response to something that I said that was maybe a warning to me to be careful of what I say around here, with Saint Alia Of The Knife in control.

But that is all that I can remember of this possible dream.

Children of Dune 3 Leto II & Ghanima – Lady Jessica Atreides Grandmother Arrives

Dream 2

This was the most interesting of my remembered dreams, unfortunately I woke up thinking about this dream, but I did not record it because I accidentally went back to sleep and had another dream.

Fortunately I still was able to remember some of it later, but most of it is forgotten now unfortunately.

This dream took place mostly inside a large multi-story multipurpose building that was possibly like its own city / country / world, but I am not sure.

I do remember it looking and feeling like a college / shopping mall / apartment / dorm / and more.

Some other people and I lived in this building, and maybe we were college students and / or citizens.

Some people I knew were in the dream among the many people I did not know, maybe some former classmates and / or coworkers and / or family members like my brother GC, but I can not remember.

It seems / feels like this place had its own authority / government / security forces / military / police / laws / rules / customs / et cetera.

Things were mostly normal at first, but strange things started to increasingly happen.

The authorities were trying to handle it somewhat quietly while also making new rules / laws / customs to help them control the situation and the public and to scare them away from a certain floor in the building where the source of this strangeness was coming from.

There was a certain upper floor of this building that was made off-limits, so the authorities used various methods to try to get the public to avoid it and to contain this area, and to deal with those impacted by the strangeness on this floor.

My memory is too unclear but something natural / paranormal / supernatural / possibly alien was involved on this floor, the public only had vague details and were encouraged not to investigate further, but the authorities knew more than we did about the situation, but they were keeping quiet on some of those details.

People who went too far on that floor had a high chance of being changed, if this happened then they would often not return the same person that they were before, and many of them would act strange and more robotic and less human and there is a small chance that their eyes would be all black but maybe not; and there were probably other signs and symptoms and side effects of those who were infected / possessed / impacted by this unknown phenomenon.

It seemed that something was infecting and / or possessing them and taking over their body completely usually, sometimes partly where maybe the original person would fuse with whatever infected / possessed them, and maybe very rarely the original person and the infection / possessor would share the body but still be separate.

I am not sure if this was common knowledge or not or if I even knew it at first, but the phenomenon seemed to be caused by some unknown entities on that floor who were possibly mostly invisible.

I am not sure if this was official and / or unofficial, but maybe most people or some of us or just me possibly referred to the unknown entities involved in this phenomenon and possibly those impacted by them as They.

I remember calling them They partly because of them / this reminding me of several movies, television shows, books, et cetera like the movie They Live.

They Live Official Trailer #1 – Keith David Movie (1988)

My former male classmate JS was possibly in this dream, and maybe he was my roommate or suitemate and / or was just a classmate of mine in the dream, but I am not sure.

I know that I went around the building through maybe college-like areas, dorm / apartment areas where I probably lived, and maybe mall-like areas.

Sometimes infected / possessed people would be found, I can not remember if they would attack or not, I just know that the authorities would try to capture / quarantine / deal with them as quickly as possible and would probably sound alarms and try to lock down the building to stop them from escaping and would encourage people to stay away from infected / possessed people and to report them immediately.

I remember seeing one of these people at least once, they were walking and acting strange in a robotic and less human way, and they were walking from one floor of the building possibly trying to reach the exit in an area that was like a lobby connecting the college and shopping mall-like areas.

As they were walking down the stairs someone reported them, alarms probably went off, and people were panicking and pointing at the person and trying to get away from them as security forces / whoever were probably trying to rush to lock down the building and stop this person before they reach the exit, but I can not remember what happened because they probably made us leave the area.

I knew some people who knew of people who attempted to explore the forbidden floor, some curious and brave people would ride the elevator et cetera to the forbidden floor, and most would only stand at the opening and glance down the hall safely from a distance before running away; but some people would walk up the hallway until they got too scared to continue.

This forbidden floor looked creepy and scary in some areas, it had a different look and feel to it, and the further you went, the stranger it felt and the more strange things you would hear and see.

Even the authorities were afraid to explore it, it seemed because there was no one there to secure it, it did look like they had tried to secure it before, but something bad must have happened that caused them to avoid it and just try to scare people away from it while continuing to investigate it from a distance mostly except for maybe sending some scientists inside sometimes briefly if they could find any who were brave enough.

One day I decided to take the elevator or whatever to the floor, I glanced down the hall from a distance before leaving, I returned another time and I walked down the hall partly before leaving, and finally someone else joined me as we walked down the first hallway completely until maybe security forces were sent after us.

Forcing the other person to run away to safety and I ran further inside so that they would not follow me because they were afraid, and to have them chase me at first so that the other person could escape, which worked.

The security forces turned back (I heard one of them ordering them to turn back, and they sounded panicked like going any further was dangerous) when I reached an area where there seemed to be an abandoned science lab that the authorities had probably used until the entities had probably infected / possessed some or most of the science team / investigators / security forces in it, I assume that many escaped, but some obviously did not.

Things were eerie at times, this floor felt strange, and I got various feelings while exploring it, and the atmosphere was weird, and it changed at times.

Some areas were dark, some dim, and some bright with some looking abandoned and old and some looking newer; and some areas were neat, some rough, and some looked like something had messed them up during a panic and / or battle.

I eventually encountered some strange phenomenon, starting with hearing and seeing things, and eventually I saw and heard what I assume were the entities what were invisible or mostly invisible, so I remember running to avoid them as they possibly flew around like maybe invisible or mostly invisible clouds or spirit / ghost-like clouds.

Eventually I got possessed by one, unlike most, I was still myself and the entity possessing me was separate from me but was inside of me; and we were able to communicate in my mind.

I am not sure if the entity was male or sexless / genderless, its voice was probably a bit neutral and robotic making it harder to tell, and to my surprise it did not seem to be evil or anything, and it seemed to want us to work together and like it would not try to take control of my body.

I decided to still be cautious though and assume that it and the other entities possibly had bad things planned for us humans, but I was willing to give it a chance.

I asked questions, and it gave answers, and it explained things, I can not remember the details, but I remember leaning toward the idea that these entities had either arrived from somewhere else or were already here first, and maybe they needed bodies so that is why they were possessing people, and maybe they just wanted bodies and then to leave in peace among and / or on the same planet as humans.

Maybe they were from a dying species from another planet / dimension / whatever, I am not sure, I just know that I was walking around talking with this entity in my mind wondering if I should turn myself in to be quarantined and / or should I quarantine myself and / or should I escape the building or what I should do.

I did not want to risk spreading or helping entities that might secretly mean us harm, but at the same time, I mostly believed what this entity told me; and so I tried to figure out a way to be cautious and handle the situation properly.

I am not sure if anyone saw that I was possessed or not, I possibly saw and told the person who had escape from the floor earlier, but I can not remember.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream now after falling back to sleep without recording it first.

Dream 3

This dream took place at a somewhat fictional version of my parent’s house during a storm late in the evening or early in the afternoon, and I was inside maybe a fictional version of the living room with my brother GC.

GC was on a computer that was on a desk with shelves built into it, at some point I was looking for something on the shelves when I heard sounds of a woman moaning like someone having sex or something, and it was coming from the headphones that GC was wearing as he was on the computer.

I looked at the computer monitor to see what GC was watching, it looked like he was at a YouTube-like website, and he was watching a short maybe three-minute video of a woman with light-color skin laying on the floor on her back masturbating and moaning; I can not remember if she was using a vibrator and / or a dildo and / or another kind of sex toy and / or her fingers.

I made a comment to GC about this probably telling him that he probably should not be watching this, I heard our mom in the kitchen doing something, and GC probably replied that he was watching normal videos on this website when he noticed this strange video in the related videos section, and he clicked on it.

To his surprise and confusion it was this pornographic video on a website that is not supposed to have pornography (like YouTube), he did not intend to watch it, but it intrigued him so much that he could not look away, and the video was short, so he thought that he might as well finish it and then return to watching normal videos on the website.

I walked to the window to look outside at the storm, it was raining outside, the yard looked mostly the same except there was a narrow rectangular area with bricks where the picnic table should be, this area was a garden that was currently not in use until the next season, and I knew that the new season was approaching and so the garden would be used again very soon.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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