A Moving & Disappearing House?

Dream 1

This dream took place at The BP Library and I was at work, and I was walking to the break room carrying maybe a orange / yellowish mug / cup upside down.

When I entered the break room I saw my coworker Mrs. SS walking toward a fictional very short female coworker or former coworker whose face was lighter on one side than the other like maybe she had been burned or something in the past; and my female coworker KE was sitting at the table on the left side at the back of the table.

Mrs. SS was saying something to the woman and the woman was backing away like she was afraid, Mrs. SS sounded a bit creepy even though it seemed that she was probably trying to help her, and it seemed that maybe the woman had been abused in the past by one or more people

I walked past them and I sat the mug on the counter, this situation seemed weird and I tried to stay out of their way, and then KE walked up behind me and sat a large sticker on the counter that had a drawing of someone putting their hands in soapy water in a sink like they were washing dishes; and written on the stick was something like: “Our hands once touched or Our hands once touched while washing dishes.”.

I was confused by this and then I remembered or considered the possibility that this really happened in the break room once between KE and I, and maybe KE had put this sticker than hoping that I would remember and maybe it was a sign / hint that was a special moment to her; but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream involved my family (even my brother CC surprisingly) and I being in the city of D, and we drove to see an hold one-story wooden house that was for sale in a field near the owners house in a fictional area on the left side of the street before or some point after passing P’s Auto Clinic.

The owner was a thin country-type man with light-color skin who probably had a dog, maybe a bit of farm land, an abandoned shack, et cetera.

The house looked a bit rough and small from the outside but it was actually bigger and somewhat nicer than it seemed, we either got to test out the house or we bought it or we were renting it as a trail, either way I remember us coming and going from the house several times in the dream (I can not remember if we spent the night or not).

Each time I noticed some strange things like: the house would sometimes seem to be in a different spot either being closer to the house and / or the abandoned shack and / or the owners automobiles or further away from it, and sometimes you could not see the house unless you looked at it from a certain angle and / or it would sometimes briefly disappear and reappear.

I thought that I was just imagining things but I remember at some point my brother CC went outside to maybe go somewhere with the others, I walked outside in front of the house slightly, and when I turned around the house was gone but when I turned away and I moved to a different angle I could see the house again.

I tried this several times and the house would sometimes be visible and other times I could not see it depending on the angle and sometimes randomly when looking away and back again, but I tried to explain this away as maybe an optical illusion or something.

I remember going to tell my family about this oddity as I left with them somewhere, my mom was driving The S, and she started reversing across the field real fast until we drove in the street / highway and she kept reversing until she got to the lane that she wanted and she turned in one smooth motion to where the automobile was driving in a different direction now toward The B Grocery Store.

This was scary and my mom did not stop or slow down when this happened, but I was amazed by the driving skills that my mom displayed and we survived.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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