A Conjuration Class | The Hit & Run Killings (Shootings)

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Season 1).

I had this dream when I fell asleep on the living room couch after watching Toonami.

Unfortunately I did not voice record this dream in time to save most of the details, and I can not remember the dreams before this dream.

I can not remember if I was in this dream or not, I just know that the dream took place inside a classroom where a class was taking place, and the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina character Sabrina Spellman and some other young adult witches / warlocks were there and so this was probably The Academy Of Unseen Arts.

They were learning about summoning so I assume that this was a conjuration class, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, the dream started with a scene outside of a man with dark-color skin with short black hair who either walked out of car or was already on foot on a sidewalk, and this man had a black pistol and he ran up to another man who also had dark-color skin with black hair and he shot this man; and then the shooter ran away, and the shooter either fled by car or on foot.

The next thing that I remember is me going to work at what I assume was a fictional version of The BP Library, it looked nothing like the real library, and this city looked nothing like the city of D.

This fictional library was larger and more spread out with indoor and outdoor areas, and it was surrounded by other buildings and it had a courtyard, and maybe the library was on a college campus but I am not sure.

Some of my coworkers were there like my female coworkers JB and CR, I can not remember how many of my other coworkers were in the dream, I just know that I talked with those two; and I remember seeing, thinking about, talking to, talking about, and waiting for JB.

I can not remember the details of what I did and said until this point, I just know that JB and some others went in a back area out of sight to maybe help a patron and / or do something, and so I stood in front of the front desk waiting for JB to return so that I could talk to her about something maybe.

There were patrons moving around here and there behind me, the wait took longer than expected and I needed to get back to work, and so I stared to walk away from the desk and a female patron with light-color skin with long yellow hair stood where I had stood in front of the front desk because she was ready to checkout I assume so I let her know that JB was probably going to return soon.

I walked around checking the computers and other things inside trying to find things to help with and maybe I helped a patron or two including one or two women with light-color skin with yellow hair who were applying for jobs at the library, and then I went outside to the outside areas of the library and / or somehow the inside was already open to the outside but I can not remember.

There were some very old OPAC computers spread around outside, maybe a bathroom or two, and some other small library areas and buildings.

I probably went to use the bathroom first, and on my way there I heard people talking about the shooting from earlier in the dream.

This shooting was not the only one, more were happening in the same way, and people / the news were calling this maybe The Hit And Run Killings (Shootings) and the shooter(s) The Hit And Run Killer(s) (Shooter(s)).

The police were not sure if the same person was committing these killings / shootings or not, it could be one person or several because the attacks were spaced out long enough to have been carried out either way, and this was continuing randomly it seemed so people were afraid and the police were investigating.

On my way to check the OPAC computers I saw some men and women lined up who seemed to be trying out for and / or training for and / or competing for jobs and / or volunteer work at the library I assumed, and my former male schoolmate SW was among them.

Sadly I remember hoping that he would not get a job and / or that he would not volunteer so that I would not have to see him or deal with him, I did not hate him or anything, I just was not comfortable with him now and I assumed that he would be a problem during and after work that would get worse if I had to deal with him (especially work with him) regularly.

I had no choice but to walk by them to reach an OPAC computer so I greeted them and I briefly said something to them.

At some point outside I heard about and / or I partly saw a news report about The Hit And Run Killings (Shootings), and there had been another attack or several.

One or two patrons asked me for help with an OPAC computer outside so that allowed me to easily escape from my former schoolmate SW.

The patron(s) and I walked to an ancient OPAC computer that had an ancient CRT monitor with a green screen or whatever (one of those with very limited color support), the patron(s) were trying to search for something but something was not working, and when I went to check it I noticed that the screen was not aligned so I could not see the search box et cetera.

The monitor had physical dials that I used to align the screen and then I was going to restart the computer, but then I heard people making sounds of shock and surprise and fear from the courtyard / field in front of me / behind the computer.

Walking straight ahead of me across the the courtyard / field between the crowd who were moving out of the way in fear, was a tall thin older man with very dark-color skin who was difficult to age but I assumed that he was older than he looked, and he had a black object in one hand that looked like it could have been a pistol so that is why the crowd was panicking and probably assuming that he might be The / A Hit And Run Killer (Shooter).

I ducked behind the OPAC computer / desk but he probably saw me and he was walking in my direction, and so I stood out of hiding when he got close enough for me to confront.

I tried to handle the situation calmly but firmly verbally at first, the man did not comply, and so I went to disarm him with a wristlock but he went to resist my wristlock so I quickly took him down with a trip while locking in the wristlock.

I could not risk the wristlock not working so that is why I quickly went to trip him so that I could break his resistance long enough so that I could lock in the wristlock, and things worked according to plan.

I calmly and firmly explained what I was doing and why to the man as I disarmed him and I held him on the ground with a wristlock, the black object that I took from him was a stun gun and not a pistol fortunately, and when the man agreed to not resist I let him stand up while I patted him down for any more weapons while calmly and firmly talking to him.

I found no more weapons on him and then I told him that I was placing him under arrest until the police arrived, and I had him put his hands behind his back et cetera; but I woke up as I was placing him under arrest while wondering if he was involved with / in The Hit And Run Killings (Shootings).

The end,

-John Jr

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