The Promised Neverland Trailer (Us Style) | Promised Neverland Fan Made Trailer

Toonami - The Promised Neverland Promo (HD 1080p)
Source: YouTube

What is it?

The YouTube channel Samurai Kibiji has a fan-made trailer for the 2019 anime (animated) television show The Promised Neverland that combines music (a remix of the song I Got 5 On It by Luniz) from the trailer for the 2019 movie Us, and it is called The Promised Neverland Trailer (Us Style) | Promised Neverland Fan Made Trailer:

*That trailer got removed so I had to replace it with a different one that is not as good*:

My Thoughts

Samurai Kibiji did a good job with this fan-made trailer, the trailer fit the music and it did not reveal too much, I hope that another trailer will be made using an English dub trailer for The Promised Neverland.

Here is one English dub trailer for it that does not reveal as much as the main official trailer:

Here is a remix of I Got 5 On It:

Here is the Us trailer:

I found out about The Promised Neverland when my brother GC and I were watching Toonami, there was a trailer for it because it was going to be a new anime in the Toonami lineup, and we watched the first episode on Saturday on Toonami.

I was not exactly sure what to expect but I was not expecting to like it and I was not liking the art style that much, to my surprise the first episode was the best episode of any anime played that night on the Toonami lineup, and so I was very impressed by how much they accomplished in that first episode compared to every other show that night.

Something in that first episode managed to bother me (something that happened to a certain character, and when something shocking was revealed; and even the last lines / words that character said before things happened to that character connected with me and made me feel for this correct), I thought about this after the episode ended as well, and so that is impressive that it was able to impact me like that while also setting up the world and getting you to connect with and better understand the children in the show.

I hope that this show will continue to keep this level of quality because the current Toonami lineup is terrible.

The end,

-John Jr

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