Strange Small Flying Creatures And Fleabag

Part of the very end of this dream was inspired by me watching a few seconds or minutes of episode 1 of the television show Fleabag (Season 1).

I got a bit terrified in this dream, I was afraid for the safety of my family and I did not realize that this was a dream so I thought that it was real, and I was creeped out and I felt some déjà vu from a real life hallucination of a large headed humanoid top hat wearing hyena-like entity with a creepy smile that I once saw during a sleep paralysis experience years ago; and the weirdness and unknowns of the situation made it worse.

At some point in the dream I was outside during the day with most of my family and a few other people in the yard of The E House and nearby, some of my family was inside The E House and some were in the yard with me in the backyard, and at some point my parents walked by a fictional maybe swamp-like pond where the garden by The G House used to be so I walked over to them.

When I walked over to talk to my parents and look at the pond, I noticed something very strange and creepy, a strange small flying or floating round purple or green / brown / yellow creature that was maybe like a combination of a toad or some other kind of amphibian / pufferfish / something else holding a purple blunderbuss dragon (pistol)-like weapon possibly rose from the water near my parents.

The floating or flying small creature shot something on my dad’s chest that was possibly like a bubble or something strange, my dad did not seem to notice, and so I told my parents but they did not seem to see it at first so I ran over to knock whatever it was off my dad’s chest.

When I did this it possibly exploded and /or released some fluffy floating or flying seed-like things or creatures and / or it hit the water and caused some some fluffy floating or flying seed-like things or creatures to rise out of the water, and then the first creature possible threw something at my mom that I assumed to be some kind of organic object that I assumed to be a grenade or egg that would burst / explode to release more fluffy floating or flying seed-like things or creatures so I knocked it out the air before it could hit my mom.

The object burst or exploded after I knocked it away, and some fluffy floating or flying seed-like things or creatures rose from it in a swarm.

My parents possibly saw them now or they just believed me when I told them and everyone in the area to run, I yelled what was going on and I told everyone to get inside the house immediately and lock the doors and windows, and we ran for our lives as the swarm flew after us.

I was not sure what they were or what they wanted or what they could do to us, I just know that what I saw and what I felt creeped me out and there were too many unknowns and I feared for everyone’s safety, and we all managed to get inside and lock the door before the swarm could reach us.

Once inside The E House, I told everyone to close and lock the doors and windows et cetera, and I probably saw and heard the swarm flying into the door outside but they could not get inside.

After barricading ourselves inside the house we probably tried to come up with a plan for defense, offense, and of escape if necessary; and the current plan was to shelter in place until it seemed safe, and we assumed we would be inside the house until the next day.

While this was going and as we were talking trying to figure this all out, I noticed that my coworkers Mrs. JM and Mrs. BJ had just walked into the living room with us from the hallway with the door to the bus stop, and Mrs. BJ mentioned the name of a certain type of entity that the creatures outside might be and she started to tell us some stories about this type of entity.

I can not remember the name, but it sounded like maybe some kind of entity from Native American mythology but that was my wild guess in the dream.

The next thing that I remember is that it was evening or night, there was a fictional man with light-color skin who was maybe the director of a fictional library in the city of D that was located in the parking lot of where the NF Gas Station should be, and he knew about the creature situation (maybe had hid inside the house with us earlier, but I am not sure).

This man gathered his own group of people, probably some of his employees and maybe some random people in the area, and they got some guns and they decided to stay in the parking lot overnight ready to defend the library / area / themselves against the creatures if they attacked.

They were afraid but for some unknown reason they felt that staying out in the open like this was a better option than barricading themselves inside like we had done earlier.

The parking lot had some restaurant style booth-type seating, and so some of them used those when they got bored and tired.

While they waited for a possible attack, I noticed the character Fleabag there or the dream jumped to another area where she was (she was probably in this area), and there was also maybe a man with light-color skin there who(m) she wanted to have sex with and possibly date.

They were possibly walking around looking at some racks and / or shelves of items where the gasoline pumps should be.

Fleabag was acting like she did in the little bit of episode 1 that I saw and like she acted in some videos that I watched about the show Fleabag, and so she was probably breaking the fourth wall and was probably sometimes talking out-loud to a non-existent audience about how she wanted to have sex with the man and maybe date him and then maybe manipulate him a bit or something like that for fun et cetera.

At some point Fleabag took the man home, they went to a bedroom and got in bed, and maybe they had sex.

I am not sure if I became the man at some point and / or if I was myself and I replaced him or if I was somewhere nearby but not involved really or if I was no longer in the dream and was just seeing this, either way, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Seven Pounds

Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 2008 American drama movie Seven Pounds.

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

Ben Thomas, an IRS agent with a fateful secret, embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.

My Thoughts

Years ago I saw the trailer for this movie and it looked like Will Smith was going to be serious and do some good acting and I was not exactly sure what the movie was about, and so I wanted to see it.

Somehow I ended up never watching it until recently when my female coworker JB recommended it, and she let me borrow her DVD of it.

I finally watched this movie and I am glad that I finally got to see it, it was possibly even better than I had expected, it was serious and well acted (except for maybe some of Will Smith’s facial expressions and occasional oddities, and Octavia Spencer was wasted in her role), and it was great to see Will Smith trying to act and trying to be serious instead of mostly relying on his natural charisma and personality as much.

This was possibly one of the best performances that I have seen by Will Smith, Rosario Dawson did a great job and was a natural fit in her role, Woody Harrelson had a surprising role but it was too limited, this movie was sad but it also had some happy moments that made me smile, and this movie had a nice romance.

This movie does feel slower than it probably really is which can be / is a problem depending on your mood et cetera, but it seems that it was intentionally made that way and even the cinematography seems slower and deliberate and it was pretty good.

This movie was probably longer than it should have been though.

I liked this movie, though the feel of the pacing and the pacing itself and the movie’s length could be problem if I had to rewatch it again depending on my mood so I probably would not like it as much on a second viewing, but this was another good recommendation by my coworker JB; and I would like to thank her for letting me borrow this movie.

The end,

-John Jr