Snakes | A Wampus Cat | Helping Porter Fischer | Sinking With My Dad | A Clinic

Dream 1

This dream is possibly a forgotten dream from another night, but I am not sure.

I think that this dream took place during the day outside maybe in and / or near a forest and / or park and / or trail.

I was walking when I saw what looked like a snake, I looked closer and it was a snake, and then I looked to see if it was alive or dead and it was probably alive.

I probably kept my distance and I kept going, as usual I noticed another snake and I probably avoided it, then I probably saw another snake, et cetera but they probably did not bother me as usual but I can not remember; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place outside during the day by a road, and I was talking with some people.

An old man with light-color skin started to tell me about how he had once seen a wampus cat, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream was inspired by me watching some of the 2019 documentary movie Screwball before I went to sleep.

Screwball Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Indie

In the dream I was helping the whistleblower Porter Fischer, he needed help adjusting a document (probably on a computer), and so I was helping him.

I had no idea what the document was about, but later in the dream I learned that the document that I helped Mr. Fischer with was used in The Biogenesis Baseball Scandal; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream took place during a gray day and my dad and I were driving along the highway like we were leaving the city of L on our way back home, my dad was driving, and at some point I noticed that we seemed to have switched to a different route that went through the city of A so I mentioned this out-loud.

We passed by the some bodies of water on both sides of the highway, after passing that I noticed what looked like water on the road ahead, and so I told my dad.

He said that it would be fine, I told him that I did not think that it was a good idea to keep going, but he said it would be fine and he kept driving.

As we continued it was clearly water and the road was clearly flooded, it quickly got deeper and my dad still would not stop even after I suggested it again because he still felt that it would be okay until we suddenly started to sink quickly under the water, and this happened so fast and we were going down so deep that I felt the feeling of falling and this felt real.

I heard and felt the sounds and feeling of falling under water while being inside a vehicle, I saw the bubbles and things as we sank underwater and it got darker and the water was a dark blue, and this all happened so fast and my hope for survival left quickly because we seemed to be too deep to be able to swim back up and we were still sinking quickly.

I could not breathe like we had lost oxygen or were losing it quickly or something like that, and so I woke up from either passing out or dying or panicking from the lack of oxygen et cetera.

This happened so fast and it felt so real, and I possibly woke up trying to breathe but I am not sure.

Dream 5

This dream took place inside a medical clinic, I was waiting in a waiting room probably not far from the front desk, and there were several female employees behind the front desk.

At some point I was called to the front desk because they had some questions about my records and / or about the forms that I filled out, while I was talking with them the side door to enter the area that leads to the medical rooms opened and then closed.

So I asked the women at the front desk if who ever had opened that side door had called me to the back or not, they assumed so and they told me that I could go through the side door to the back, and so I did.

The door led to a hallway with rooms on both sides with closed doors, I saw no one so I stood by the door waiting, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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