A Roman Reigns-Like Man Walking Through Chaos

Dream 1

This dream took place at a large strange maybe college / school-like building, I was walking outside along a walkway when I saw a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair and a man, and I remember helping them carry something.

Then I helped them sneak to the 5th floor for some unknown reason, at some point a girl with light-color skin with yellow hair was with us, but a male teacher with light-color skin saw us and he ran after us with some security guards.

I let the girl ride on my back as I ran, I tried to jump down some strange open area to reach the 5th floor, but there were some giant fan blades and things moving down there so that blocked our escape.

I decided to stop and explain our situation to the teacher and the security guards instead, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly inspired by a YouTube video that I saw yesterday called Exploring Warhammer 40k: The T’au:

This dream took place during the day in a world where it seemed that maybe a caste-like system was starting to be implemented or had recently been implemented to possibly try to stablize society after or before a possible collapse, but I am not sure.

I remember seeing some people wearing Star Trek uniform-like clothing with some people wearing different colors, people dressed like this seemed to be doing well and were at nice-looking places behaving contently, and there were some people who were dressed normally who seemed to be treated worse so they were doing most of the labor and some were being arrested and probably killed et cetera for maybe not following the new system and / or for being in the lowest ranks.

The people dressed normally did not seem to be doing as well and were not as content, and some were openly rebelling violently.

I remember walking through a museum-like place where some low-ranked and / or no-ranked people were working as higher ranked people walked around enjoying themselves, and outside I saw some no-ranked people destroying property and attacking the military and / or police et cetera.

I remember seeing fully armored soldiers and / or police with assault rifles, military vehicles, et cetera patrolling to try to stop these attacks, and sometimes they were arresting and possibly killing no-ranked people.

I guess they were trying to force everyone into the system, some did not like it, and so some people were fighting back.

I think that a low-ranked or no-ranked person in the museum-like place decided to rebel, they stopped serving food and drink and working, and they caused a scene and maybe they started ranting and leaving and / or attacking.

As people were running and leaving the building, including those rebelling, I noticed a large muscular tall man who looked like Roman Reigns.

The Roman Reigns-like man was no-ranked, he looked angry and determined, and he kept walking through the chaos.

I saw some rebels setting maybe a police / military station on fire, killing some soldiers / police, et cetera until some soldiers / police in military vehicles drove through to attack them.

During the shooting and fighting most of the soldiers / police were afraid of the Roman Reigns-like man, I even heard them say that they did not want to mess with him, but a few tried and were easily defeated by the Roman Reigns-like man who was still walking through the chaos staying out of it unless someone got in his way.

I was surprised by this, even after defeating those in his way the others were still afraid of him so they did not attack him and they continued fighting the others, and he kept walking on his way through the chaos; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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