Too Many Cooks

This dream was probably partly inspired by me watching these three videos by the YouTube channel TheAdviseShowTV before I went to sleep:

This dream took place inside a house-like building, across the house there were several connected rooms that were small kitchen-like rooms, and in each one there was someone cooking something and each of them had a small amount of ingredients.

There was a line of people waiting with some of their own ingredients waiting to cook their food because there were currently too many cooks, including my mom and maybe some other family members, and an older woman with light-color skin who was cooking offered to share some of her food with us.

I remember a Phillip ‘Phil’ Scott-like man or Phillip ‘Phil’ Scott from the YouTube channel TheAdviseShowTV being there, and I remember him telling me that the current people cooking were racist.

I asked him why did he think that and I pointed out that the woman offered to share some of her food with us, and he replied: “Did you notice that she did not offer to cook your ingredients?”.

I replied yes but that does not make her / them racist, he replied, but I can not remember what he said.

I woke up as we continued talking as he continued explaining his reasoning as I listened with an open-mind.

The end,

-John Jr