Serial Experiments Lain Opening Credits

Serial Experiments Lain OP BD

What Is It?

The Vimeo video Serial Experiments Lain – OP by the Vimeo user Juan Perez.

Serial Experiments Lain – OP

This video is of the opening credits for the Japanese anime (animated) TV show Serial Experiments Lain.

My Thoughts

Back in maybe 2003 or 2004 my former male classmate SS told me about and somewhat explained to me how to use mIRC, he also recommended a science fiction cyberpunk psychological mystery anime (animated) television show called Serial Experiments Lain and several other anime, and Serial Experiments Lain was one of the first of the anime that he recommended that I ended up watching.

Serial Experiments Lain – Complete Series – Available on BD/DVD Combo 11.27.12 – Trailer

The opening credits and the song called Duvet by the British band Bôa immediately caught my attention, and years later, watching and listening to the opening credits brings me back to the early 2000s when I watched this anime and several others.


Serial Experiments Lain was a unique anime that was probably ahead of its time, I only saw it once, so I can not remember that much of it now, but I know that it was pretty psychological and the opening credits went along with it pretty well, surprisingly.

There was maybe something about the opening credits and the show that made it a bit more distinct, and that fit with the time period and beyond.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


    1. Hello True George,

      Some of them can definitely get crazy, Serial Experiments Lain was possibly among the earliest anime of this type that I saw, but I could be wrong; it was more psychological than crazy though, something like FLCL was more crazy, but FLCL was not psychological or philosophical and it was just wacky and crazy and random.

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr


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