Tub To Sleep Paralysis | Werecreatures?

After watching Toonami I went to sleep on the living room couch and that is where I slept the entire time, and I did not record most of my dreams, but I still barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

I had some dreams before this dream, but I can not remember them.

I just remember that I was sleeping on my back on the couch in the real world, and in this dream I was in a strange large room laying on my back in a bathtub (tub) of water.

My head was halfway under the water, so water was getting in my ears, I could feel it and hear it, and it felt real, so I did not like this feeling.

I decided to raise my head above the water enough so that the water was no longer in my ears, and then I went to try to let the water drain out of my ears.

During this I woke up into the real world into a sleep paralysis experience.

My brother GC was still in the living room on his computer, while I was paralyzed, I heard my mom leave the bathroom and open the glass doors to the living room.

She told my brother GC that she was out of the bathroom, so he could use the bathroom now.

But my brother GC responded that he did not need to use the bathroom, and then my mom walked away back to her bedroom, it seemed.

I was paralyzed on my back on the couch, so I could not turn to see her.

I assumed that she / her voice had been a hallucination, but I was not sure.

I probably tried to say something out-loud, but I was paralyzed, so barely any sound came out.

Maybe it sounded like I was snoring or something; and then I was able to move and / or I completely woke up.

I recorded this dream from the couch and I went back to sleep on the couch.

Dream 2

My voice recording of this dream is too low for me to understand some of it and I can not remember most of it, and so it is unclear.

This dream took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D.

I was possibly with my mom and my brother GC and / or several other people during some parts of this dream.

There was a fictional raised bridge with a park-like area under it not that far from The BB’s Grocery Store on Southside that we went to several times during the dream.

We also went to a building where there was some other people, and something happened that I can not remember where there was a threat.

Maybe somehow some white werewolves (their fur was white) helped defeat this threat after maybe several people got turned into white werewolves.

There was a quiet, dark area in this building with various rooms along the hallway, and maybe I led the werewolves there.

So they could have a place to stay out-of-sight from normal humans who did not know about their existence, but I am not sure.

I discovered other creatures, werecreatures / werepeople and / or shapeshifters, and some other entities; and they joined the werewolves in the dark quiet part of the building, and I moved between the main parts of the building with normal humans and the dark quiet area with the creatures / entities / et cetera.

Some of them could transform into a human form and back, but some did not seem to have a human form.

When I was in the normal human area something happened that I can not remember where a mother and young daughter with light-color skin entered the building needing help because some kind of threat was after them.

Whatever the situation was, it was bad enough where I risked taking them to the creature / entity area where they could hide, and so we went there.

I trusted the werewolves, so I was going to ask them to help protect them, and I was going to ask the others to not harm them.

When we got there something happened that I can not remember where I felt that one or more traitors were among the group.

I felt that the mother and daughter were in danger from them as well, and so I did not want to leave them there without me around too.

As I was trying to find all the werewolves to talk to them about the situation while trying to let the others know to not harm the mother and daughter.

I noticed a small creature with a hook nose who looked suspicious, and he was watching and smiling with an evil grin at the mother and daughter.

Something happened where some of the creatures began rolling in a pile that went over the mother and daughter.

The small hook-nosed creature joined the pile and I went in to get the mother and daughter out while trying to stop the hook-nosed creature if he was really a threat like it seemed.

That creature ended up getting accidentally crushed in the pile, and I ended up accidentally breaking what was left of its mouth.

It felt and made a sound like a fishes mouth when it gets broken when trying to get a hook out of their mouth or something.

There were possibly more threats among the group, so I started to warn the werewolves and maybe some or all of the others, and maybe I went to take the mother and daughter down the hallway to another room.

Something happened in this area that I can not remember, where a man seemly got mind controlled with some kind of shadow mind control power by a small girl-like entity.

Who possibly looked like a normal girl with light-color skin at first, but when we figured out that she was a threat she transformed / shapeshifted into a shadow entity of some kind who screamed / screeched at the man, turning him into a shadow person temporarily.

We fought the entity and broke the man out of her mind control, and he helped us attack her.

She possibly died, but even in the dream I was not sure, and maybe I went to make sure that she was dead or to see if she had escaped, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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