President Donald Trump Arguing About Guns | Where Did My Clothes & Daenerys Targaryen Go?

Dream 1

This dream involved The President Of The United States Donald Trump ranting and arguing and debating online and in the news about something involving adjusting something for guns (I doubt that it was something involving gun control, but I am not sure), and this change would possibly require someone making the change from a computer by adjusting one or more settings; and so I assume that this would be something that gun manufacturers could do and / or that gun users / owners could do if they have smart guns or something like that, but I have no idea.

I remember seeing part of a news interview of a somewhat older bald or balding man with light-color skin who was an expert being interviewed about this new setting idea for guns.

The next thing that I remember is being outside during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D at a parade in the downtown area with my mom.

At some point we saw my former male classmate KW in the parade or crowd, he was a Michael Jackson impersonator in the dream, and then we walked to a fictional school-like building where The BP Library should be with some students and adults.

When we reached what should be the employee parking lot we saw a large group of police officers praying in strange positions while making strange sounds (there is a possibility that they were also speaking in tongues (Glossolalia) sometimes, but I am not sure), and this was pretty creepy.

My former male classmate AK, my former male classmate C, and my former high school assistant principal Mr. CE were among our group trying to enter the school-like building.

I remember talking to AK, and I remember C ranting / complaining about something to the students, I can not remember what he was saying, but I know that he was challenging authority and pointing out problems with the system / world / et cetera.

Someone unlocked the glass door and as we entered the building I remember Mr. CE threatening C by telling him that if he did not stop saying whatever he was saying to the students that he would get the guy who beat him up years ago back in school to come beat him up again.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before I woke up.

Dream 2

There is something that happened that I am not sure when it happened in this dream or if it was actually part of a different dream, and so I will type it as part of this dream and I will just guess at what part in the dream it happened and I will guess what my reason was for going there; and so this dream possibly contains errors, and there are things that I can not remember and that are unclear so I will make a few assumptions here and there that could be wrong.

This dream took place during the day and I possibly walked to a school-like / convention center-like multi-story building, and some of my former classmates and other people who seemed to be dressed as characters from Game Of Thrones and various other people were there and arriving there like maybe a fan convention was going on there.

I remember walking along a hallway with doors and maybe some lockers on both sides of it, I remember talking with some of my former classmates, and then I realized that magically my clothes were gone so I was naked now.

I had no idea how my clothes had disappeared, I went into a bathroom / locker room trying to find my clothes and avoid the crowds of people, and some of my former classmates were in there so I asked them if they had seen my clothes and I asked them if I could borrow some clothes.

My former male classmate JH was one of the people I asked, him and the others did not know where my clothes were, and they probably did not have any that I could borrow; and so I was forced to walk around naked a bit longer still trying to find some clothes and I even had to walk back into the hallway.

I got desperate and I started trying to summon some clothing, I am not sure if this worked or not, it possibly did because I think that I suddenly had underwear at some point or I found some or someone let me borrow / have theirs but I can not remember.

I assume that I then remembered some false memories of me knowing the character Lucifer Morningstar from the television show Lucifer, I had false memories of not only knowing Lucifer but I also knew that he lived on an upper floor of this building in a nice apartment (penthouse) and that I had been there before, and so I assume that I went to that upper floor to ask Lucifer if I could borrow or have some more clothing if I really did only have underwear now at this point or I got all new clothing from him after this point.

Outside the entrance to the apartment was one or more male security guards, they recognized me and I told them why I was there, and then I heard Lucifer telling them to let me in because somehow he heard me from inside the apartment so they let me inside.

The entrance door was a nice wooden door with no door handle, it was possibly an accordion style door with a Japanese-like style to it, and I entered a large lobby where Lucifer happily greeted me from across the room.

I heard some women making noises on another floor of the apartment below us, I saw an opening with some stairs that went down there, and I possibly saw one of the women who was very attractive and was wearing a nice short dress.

This was a large multi-story apartment that Lucifer had, Lucifer knew me and treated me like a friend, and I explained to him my situation; and I assume that he happily gave me some clothes and a few jokes about my situation.

I assume that I left at some point after thanking him and talking to him, he probably wanted me to stay and party, but I politely declined and I returned to the first floor where the Game Of Thrones convention-like event was taking place.

I possibly tried to summon something again, this time I possibly tried to summon a person or several people, and maybe I tried to summon: the character Daenerys Targaryen from the television show Game Of Thrones and / or Emilia Clarke (probably because I saw various people dressed as her / them, and I possibly saw the real her there in character and / or as herself) and / or Amarna Miller and / or Sabrina Spellman and / or Kiernan Shipka and / or whoever would randomly summon whether it be a combination of those people or someone completely different; but I can not remember the details, but I assume that I was testing whether I could summon something or summon something again more complex this time if it had worked the first time with the underwear.

I possibly did not think that it worked at first, I can not remember if I successfully summoned any of them or anyone, I just remember seeing people dressed like Daenerys and I ended up joining up with one or more women who were possibly like or where one of the people I tried to summon but I can not remember the details.

If there were more than one, I lost the other or others among the crowd, and then I joined someone who was like or who was Daenerys Targaryen and it was possibly the real Emilia Clarke in character but I can not remember.

I just remember her being happy and fun and funny, and I remember her riding on my back at some point.

At some point she was going to attend a small meeting with some high-level people where she was going to proclaim herself as the queen, and so I went there with her to a small room along the hallway where people dressed as characters from Game Of Thrones and / or real characters from the show were.

Oddly Daenerys had no advisors or bodyguards, no Unsullied et cetera so she was alone, and so I decided to protect / help her myself until I could find her some guards et cetera for her.

Daenerys declared herself the queen, maybe with some threats but I am not sure, and the small group accepted her as the queen to my surprise; but I did not think that enough people were there to make this decision, and so most people would not know so I worried about this.

Daenerys walked away happy and I walked with her trying to protect her and advise her about the situation, we even went outside and maybe one of her dragons was outside but I can not remember, and somehow she got lost in the crowd of people including people who were dressed like her et cetera.

I then went around trying to find her among the lookalikes et cetera, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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