Getting Knocked Out In My First Mixed Martial Arts Fight In The UFC?

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at work at maybe a slightly fictional version of The BP Library, I was in a fictional version of the break room with some of my coworkers like my female coworker JB and maybe Mrs. JM and / or several other female coworkers, and we had a refrigerator / freezer that seemed to possibly be partly self-restocking.

I remember the top of it having some frozen desserts, and each time that I checked there was new ice almost like the fridge / freezer was recycling materials and / or making new ice for the frozen desserts and / or it was just ice build up making it seem like that.

Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block

Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 2018 American horror anthology television show Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block.

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this anthology television show:

The story of a young woman named Alice who moves to a new city and learns about a series of disappearances that may be connected to a baffling rumor about mysterious staircases in the city’s worst neighborhoods.

With help from her sister, they discover that something is preying on the city’s residents.

My Thoughts

This season was better than the previous two seasons to my surprise: it had better more realistic and human acting and reactions, it had less unanswered questions, it had better main characters, it had more diversity, it had more closure, better cinematography, and better pacing.

Somehow Channel Zero has managed to get better and better each season so far, which is rare, and so I hope this pattern continues because I am liking it better than The Twilight Zone (2019) which ended poorly like Game Of Thrones (Season 8).

The end,

-John Jr

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