A College & Shooting & An Apartment On A Cruise Ship

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in a fictional city, I was there with most of my family, and at some point some of us were at a college when we started hearing gunshots in the distance.

Either rapid fire semi-automatic gunfire or it was automatic gunfire, either way it was possibly close and possibly at or near the college, and I remember people panicking and running and hiding et cetera as the shooting continued.

My family and a large amount of college students and I traveled quickly on foot back to a large multi-story cruise ship-like ship, we had apartment rooms on this huge ship, and police et cetera were probably securing the area as we arrived.

My family and I had an apartment on an upper floor of the ship so we went up there, I remember walking around this floor with my mom inside and outside, and there were some tourists and other fleeing people who had gotten on the ship as well.

This ship was a popular spot for college students, tourists, and locals who wanted to come shop and eat and drink and have fun et cetera.

There were various types of businesses on the ship like: restaurants, at least one casino, stores, bars, et cetera.

At some point we went to our apartment, I needed to urinate badly so I went to the bathroom, but my female coworker Mrs. TS was in the bathroom with a boy with dark-color skin and she seemed to be tutoring him or something so I walked away briefly then I returned to see if the bathroom was available now.

When I returned to the bathroom they were still in the bathroom and the director of The BP Library Mrs. EC was in there with them saying something to Mrs. TS, Mrs. EC then left the bathroom we greeted each other as she left, and then I Mrs. TS if I could use the bathroom real quick.

She said yes and her and the boy left the bathroom, when I got over the toilet I noticed that some urine was already in it, and in the urine water was a black hard plastic mobile phone holster case with clip and something else.

So I removed both objects from the toilet before flushing it, and then I went to rinse them off in the bathtub.

While trying to do this I noticed a white and brown rabbit in the bathroom to my surprise and confusion, and it walked over to me sniffing the air and trying to see what I had in my hands.

I said something to the rabbit while rinsing the objects, I quickly petted the rabbit while it was next to me touching its left side against my foot and the bottom of my leg, and it had its front paws on the tub still sniffing the air trying to see what I was rinsing off.

I assumed that the rabbit belonged to Mrs. TS and the boy, and so I was going to take the rabbit to them after I finished using the bathroom.

After rinsing the objects I then went to urinate, I urinated and washed my hands, and then I went to tell Mrs. TS and the boy about the rabbit and that I was done using the bathroom.

They were nearby so I told them and I gave them the rabbit, I then realized that for some reason I still felt like I needed to urinate even though I had just urinated, and maybe this made me partly realize that I was dreaming because I immediately woke up once I realized this.

In the real world I really did need to urinate.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “A College & Shooting & An Apartment On A Cruise Ship”

Hello David Davis,

It most of my dreams like this there are usually things preventing me from having a chance to urinate in the dream before I wake up, and usually when I do get to urinate in a dream I will still feel like I need to urinate; but there are rare times where I might urinate in a dream and feel relieved until I wake up. 😀

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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