My Brother TDC Trying To Take Off Faces?

Dream 1

This is the first dream that I had right after going to sleep after getting in bed super late (maybe 5:00 AM).

This dream took place early in the morning when it was still dark at my parents house, I was very tired, and I went outside through the back door.

At some point I noticed a reflection and in that reflection I saw what looked like my mom, my uncle CE, and maybe my aunt ME possibly taking photographs together near the automobiles.

I did not want to be seen and I was super tired, and so I tried to get back in the house so that I could go to sleep.

I was so tired or something that I could not walk, and so I had to crawl and drag myself up the stairs to reach the back door.

Unfortunately the others started trying to leave out the back gate where they could see me, fortunately my mom was walking up the stairs near me as she waved goodbye to them, and so she was blocking their view of seeing me as I tried to drag myself into the house.

The inside of the house was bigger and slightly fictional, the living room was bigger and had some beds in it, and so I dragged myself onto one of the beds and my mom walked by to another room.

A very young version of maybe my brother TDC walked over to me, he could only talk a little because he was so young, and he walked over to me saying something about face while trying to pull my face off.

I told him that he could not pull my face off and my mom told him this too from another room because she saw and heard this from there, I laughed a bit because I was confused about what he wanted and what he was trying to say, but then he started trying to pull his face off.

His face looked weird almost like he had pulled some of it off or something, it was a bit freaky, I had to stop him and tell him that he could not pull his face off and to not do this; and my mom said the same thing, this time it was not funny, and I was even more confused about what he wanted and what he was trying to say about face.

I was not sure if something on his face was bothering him or if he really wanted to take off his face and / or something else, I was worried and starting to get a bit freaked out, but I woke up.

When I woke up I realized that I had just went to sleep not long ago so this was my first dream, and I was surprised that I had a dream that fast then I went back to sleep.

Dream 2

I did not record this dream after I had it, and so I can not remember most of it now.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I was working at a fictional version of The BP Library, and I was behind a large front desk trying to help a coworker with something that possibly involved setting up the ability to do purchases and / or something like that.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

The Twilight Zone (Season 1) (2019)

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The 2019 American anthology web television series The Twilight Zone (Season 1).

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