Zombies & Logan Paul

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I went to sleep on the living room couch and during that time I was basically stuck in on / in the partly broken couch, and so I did not get up to record my dreams each time that I briefly woke up and then went back to sleep as things happened around me like someone turning off the air conditioner and someone closing the living room doors et cetera; and so most of my dreams are forgotten now.

One of my dreams possibly had the song Onde Sensuelle by -M- (Matthieu Chedid) in it, and maybe some other people and I even danced to the song but I can not remember.

Dream 1

I can not really remember this dream but I woke up feeling that I had had a dream where my female coworker JB was a significant part of the dream.

I can not remember the dream but it is possible that I dreamed of inviting my coworkers on a vacation trip possibly to another country or something and / or at some point some of my coworkers and I listened to some music and danced (maybe Onde Sensuelle was one of the songs), if so, JB was probably one of my coworkers who was there and maybe her family was there too but I can not remember.

I just have a pretty strong feeling that there was a major and detailed and important previously remembered dream with JB that I ended up forgetting after I went back to going in and out of sleep and dreams without recording them while stuck on / in the couch, maybe I will remember this dream later, if so I will update this post.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly a semi-lucid dream at times, but I am not sure.

I can not remember most of the dream now, there were some pretty crazy transitions to it, and the dream probably took place during the day in a fictional downtown-like area of a city at a multi-story multi-purpose building that may have had a fictional version of The BP Library on the ground floor.

My dad and my brother GC were possibly in a forgotten part of the dream, then I remember being by a printer with my coworker Mrs. JM as she adjusted three different settings for the printer that had to be adjusted a certain way; and one of the settings had to be set to maybe RQ or something like that where you had to type that in.

At some point Mrs. JM was gone and I was with my former male classmates DH, JC, JS, and maybe one or two other men.

Zombies attacked the city, they were dumb at first and so we were able to move from the ground floor to avoid them at first, but as their numbers grew there started to be some special zombies and some of the regular zombies possibly got smarter as the dream went on.

Some of the zombies started climbing a little, some started jumping a little, some were small and could fit in small places to reach new locations, and eventually there were some who could jump higher than normal and some who could levitate somewhat.

The few special zombies who could levitate were probably the smartest, they started to appear at the end of the dream, and they had only an upper body with arms and a head and they had no clothes and they had some kind of blue tattoo over their deeply scarred faces and half their bodies as they floated around; and they reminded me of the Flesh Atronachs from the video game expansion pack The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles if they had no lower body and could levitate.

This was a tall building so my former classmates and I kept moving higher up the building, sometimes climbing, sometimes jumping, et cetera through areas inside and outside the building (balconies et cetera), the zombies did not get that high up the building though.

There were many zombies on the ground, I started being able to jump higher than normal and maybe slightly levitate at some point, and I used these dream powers to my advantage defend myself and to return to lower levels and even the ground outside a few times to retrieve some items.

At some point we reached an upper floor where Logan Paul lived, in this dream we had known Logan since junior high school so we were friends in a way, and I had false memories of us sometimes hanging out with him and playing video games in his bedroom in his parents nice house.

This part of the building was pretty safe still so we were pretty relaxed at this point, Logan invited us inside like old times (it had been years since we last met), and in this dream he was possibly married with children because I remember his mother calling him on his mobile phone and she was asking him about his wife or girlfriend.

Logan told his mom: “that she was inside the house probably smoking weed or something.”, and he complained about this and how she was not paying the utilities for the house which they had agreed on while he covers everything else.

His mom sent him to find her so that she could talk to her, and then his mom possibly asked about their children and wanted to talk to them if they had any.

While Logan was busy doing this, JS started talking about an online rumor of Logan allegedly sometimes inviting one or more boys to his house to play video games et cetera in his bedroom, and the rumors alleged that he possibly had some kind of sexual contact with the boy(s) and / or the rumors hinted at him possibly being a pedophile or something.

JS pointed out how we were the only people he knew who Logan would invite to his bedroom to play video games et cetera years ago when we were all still in public school, and even now because we were possibly in his bedroom at this point like old times.

I did not believe the rumors and had not heard the before, I reminded JS that nothing strange ever happened that I can remember, and that Logan basically treated us like friends then and even now who would sometimes hangout with him and play video games et cetera like many kids did back then.

None of us could think of any strange behavior on Logan’s part that made us believe this rumor, and so I told JS to stop talking about it before Logan hears this.

Logan’s apartment house had a balcony and roof access, which we possibly used a few times, and this allowed me to check on the zombie situation and possibly allowed me to get to and from this area using my dream powers easily.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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