Animals Dying + Lightning Trailer? + My Cousin DE Will Be Homeless Again?

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

I was inside and outside my parents yard, and the field near the yard was larger and slightly different with a sunken area behind the garden that formed its own alley.

I found a lot of dead and dying wild non-human animals around this area, mostly squirrels, and I was not sure why they were dead and dying but I feared that it could be rabies and / or something else that was contagious so I kept my distance from them.

My female coworkers DT and CR showed up along with one or more of their fictional female friends, I warned them about the dead and dying animals, and we walked around looking around the area while trying to avoid the animals.

I recommended that we not stay in this area long to avoid getting attacked by one of the possibly infected animals and to avoid whatever was causing them to die.

The next thing that I remember is being with my dad in a fictional park-like area in the field near where The Bread Store on Eastside used to be, we were walking and talking when a man with dark-color skin with wild gray and white hair walked and / or ran and / or rode a bicycle past us, and this was somehow part of a fictional movie trailer that was somehow playing in the dream world.

The movie was possibly called Lightning, it was about a man my dad and I knew who used to live on Eastside but he was dead now, and I had false memories of this man like I really knew him.

This man seemed to be a fictional combination of several people I knew and know in real life like Mr. F who is dead in real life, Flash (his nickname) who is the father of my male cousin ME, and Mr. DS who used to walk very fast around the city of D.

The movie seemed to be very similar to the 2003 movie Radio, and it seemed that it was going to be a movie that was going to be a bit fun and eccentric like its main character and sometimes emotional.

The movie version of this main character was an exaggerated version of the real person, so he did not match my false memories exactly, but he was close enough.

The main character was a man who would often move through Eastside quickly on foot and by bicycle, and the trailer showed various examples of this with him passing through this fictional park-like area and field.

After the trailer ended in the dream world, we continued walking to a fictional area where various older people with dark-color skin from Eastside had gathered including Mr. CA, and we stopped in this area to greet some of them.

At some point I heard an older woman talking on a mobile phone and she was getting emotional, she was talking to a woman, and as I listened it sounded like they were talking about my male cousin DE.

They did not mention his name but the situation sounded like it involved DE, it seemed that DE was going to be getting out of jail soon, but that maybe his dad my former uncle DE was not going to let my cousin DE stay at The G House anymore because he wanted to maybe sell it and the land and / or build some better housing there that he can rent out to other people.

This would leave my cousin DE homeless once he gets out of jail, the other woman on the phone (who I could not see because she was on not there) seemed to be a counselor or someone for my cousin DE, and she seemed to really care about him.

Hearing how emotional they were made me start to feel emotional, the other woman on the phone asked to talk to me which was surprising because she was not there to see me but somehow she wanted to talk to me, and we never did say DE’s name but she indirectly asked me if I knew him and I told her yes and that I was his cousin if we were thinking of the same person.

She told me a few things about how she has tried to help DE, she explained some of the situation to me, and she asked me some questions.

While this was happening the woman whose mobile phone I was using was complaining with some of the others about DE’s father and they they were not on his side in this situation.

The woman on the phone with me was trying to help DE and she wanted to avoid him being homeless once he gets out of jail, but I woke up.

When I woke up I was surprised that in the dream I did not realize that my former uncle DE does not even own The G House so he does not have the power to stop my cousin DE from using it.

The end,

-John Jr

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