Winning A Main Event Boxing Match

In this dream I was probably a rookie professional boxer who probably only had a few fights but I was probably undefeated but I can not remember if I had the title (championship belt) or not, and I was on my way to my first or largest main event fight.

I was going to fight a larger stronger tougher looking male professional boxer who probably had a bit more street and professional fighting experience than me, and our fight was promoted online and on television and on the radio and on advertising signs et cetera; and so there were commercials, interviews, and behind the scenes of us training et cetera.

My family, coworkers, some of my city, et cetera knew about the upcoming fight and some of them were there like some of my family and maybe some of my coworkers like my female coworker JB while others were watching the fight from home.

Some of my family and my corner crew / whoever drove to the fight location, which was a multi-purpose sports field that was in a sunken area where the small hills around it was where the crowd was, and on my way there I remember listening to the radio where they were talking about my upcoming fight and I watched news about my upcoming fight from people who were live at the field like the ring announcers et cetera.

This all felt pretty real, we arrived at the field and I probably met JB and some of my other coworkers and other people I knew who were there to watch my fight, and I saw the crowd and the people preparing everything for the fight and my opponent and his team.

At some point after going through the pre-fight checks et cetera, my opponent and I got interviewed briefly, and in my opponent’s interview he said that his strategy for our fight was to end the fight quickly and he named various dirty (illegal) tactics that he played on using.

I was surprised that he admitted on camera to the world that he planned on using various dirty (illegal) tactics to win our fight, and so my plan was to also end the fight quickly because I did not want a long fight against someone who was going to be using illegal tactics so my plan was to fight more defensively and try to make an opening to knock him out.

After the interviews and final talk with my family et cetera, it was time to go to the field, and that is when I started to get nervous a bit so I tried to control my breathing while reminding myself of my training while practicing some strategies for my fight while predicting some possible scenarios and how to counter them.

I was a little shaky so I bounced around practicing putting my guard up and down while practicing some footwork and dodging et cetera, after getting checked again it was time for the announcing of the fight to begin, and then we took our places in the middle of the field.

At some point it was time to fight and my opponent and I moved toward each other at the center, I went to touch gloves but he probably was going to throw a punch so I jumped back, and then I moved around a bit trying to recover and get over the nervousness.

I then made my move pretending to charge in trying to force him to charge forward as well, this worked, and so as he charged forward I jumped to the left of him catching him off-guard with his guard down still going forward.

I threw my left arm up a bit to block while turning to catch him with a pretty hard overhand right or straight, and I hit him with it before he could react.

I hit him hard enough that he went falling down face first while moving forward still from his previous charge, I moved forward like I was going to ground and pound him but I stopped myself when I remembered that this was boxing and not mixed martial arts, and so I backed up thinking that he would get up.

I actually hit him hard enough that he was knocked out, but he got up very close to when the referee said 10 in the 10 count so I was not sure it I won the fight or not.

When my opponent jumped up right after 10 he lunged forward and the referee and some others went to grab him, the crowd and announcers and I waited a moment to see if the fight was over or not, and it was.

The crowd, the announcers, et cetera were shocked.

I was surprised and happy and relieved, I did not expect to win the fight with one punch, but I woke up before or during or after my post fight interview.

The end,

-John Jr


The Promised Neverland (Season 1)

Yakusoku no Neverland (2019)

Titles: The Promised Neverland
Countries: India, Japan, United States
Languages: English
Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 2019 fantasy horror thriller anime (animated) television show The Promised Neverland (Season 1).