Flying During An Invasion? | I’m Just F#####g With You

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a multi-story possibly college apartment or dorm with some people who were visiting a male friend with light-color skin, I remember us hanging out with him in the largest room in his apartment or dorm, and at some point his girlfriend who had light-color skin joined us.

It seemed that their friend, his girlfriend, and several other people who showed up to visit too were somewhat famous online (live) streamers (maybe YouTube and / or Twitch), and the room that we were in had some special interesting looking long single person sofa-like chairs that were special chairs for online streamers that they would use to play video games from et cetera for long periods of time.

The chairs looked comfortable and you could lay back and prop up your legs if you wanted to.

I forgot to mention that someone in the group looked just like me, this person was possibly another me or part of me but I can not remember, and this person who looked like me would sometimes mess with things which was annoying the girlfriend of the friend that we were visiting.

One thing that this other me messed with was an unfinished sewing project that looked like a pink scarf, this really annoyed the girlfriend and me, and so she started to act like she was ready for us to leave.

Connected to this room was a door that led to another building that was connected to this building, and at some point a young woman with light-color skin opened this door from the other side to talk to some people in our room.

I noticed that the room that she was in had a tall ceiling and her room was pretty large, I complimented her on her room, but for some unknown reason she took this as an insult and she got angry so I tried to explain that it was compliment not an insult.

While doing this I walked into her room, which was now a different building, and I started to slowly noticed that it looked pretty bare and somewhat rough and like this was an abandoned old building that was still livable.

She kicked me out of her apartment or dorm, but I went through the wrong door and I was in a dimly lit hallway still in her building.

The building definitely looked and felt and sounded abandoned, and I got lost as I walked around through hallways with doors trying to find my way back to the other building and room while the young woman was possibly still angrily looking for me for some unknown reason.

While lost I started to feel something in my mouth, like some food or something had come back up and got stuck there, and so I could not talk now and I was worried about this leading to my breath stinking so I tried to find somewhere where I could spit whatever it was out so that I could talk and then wash my mouth out.

At some point I probably was trying to spit whatever it was out, but I woke up realizing that what I was feeling in my mouth was my anti-snoring device in the real world that was in my mouth.

Somehow I was able to feel it partly in the dream at that point, which confused me in the dream I guess, and eventually caused me to wake up.

When I woke up and I looked at the time I realized that to my surprise I had only recently fallen asleep, and so I had this dream not long after going to sleep.

Dream 2

This dream is too unclear now unfortunately so I am not sure if this dream became a lucid dream or not, and I can not remember important details.

This dream took place during the day, maybe late in the afternoon and / or when it was possibly somewhat gray outside, and I remember walking outside where there were lots of people when maybe aircraft and / or something like that started flying across the sky like this was an invasion or something.

I can not remember any of the details other than people panicking and running for their lives, I was with someone (maybe one of my brothers, but I can not remember), and I remember trying to see if I could fly to avoid and / or fight the threats.

I remember running and jumping in the air and flapping my arms to gain some height, this worked, and I was able to fly but only very low to the ground.

I then helped the other person with me learn to fly after convincing them that it was possible and that they could probably do it too, this person flew even lower to the ground, and then I started using my usual techniques to gain more height until I was able to fly around higher and better so I tried to help the other person do the same.

I can not remember if we fought any of the threats or not or if the other person was able to fly higher and better or not too, I just remember flying which gave me an advantage to avoid the threats better, but that is all that I can remember now of this dream unfortunately.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I had a college apartment or dorm or it was near or on a college campus, I remember going to and from it, but I can not remember if I was a college student or not.

I think that it was located by a large parking lot near one or more fields.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream was very similar to the previous dream so I am not sure if they are separate or not, in this dream I remember going to a house during the day by a large parking lot near one or more fields where I lived with some of my family, and I was there by myself until my dad and some of my brothers showed up with my male cousin EE.

I did not feel like any visitors, especially not EE who was acting more like he would sometimes when I was still a kid when he would sometimes seemly turn my male cousins ME and DE against me or something, and so I wanted to avoid him.

Unfortunately EE was going to be visiting longer than expected, possibly even spending the night but I can not remember, and so I did interact with / talk to him a bit before I woke up.

Dream 5

This dream was inspired by me watching Episode 7 (I’m Just F*cking With You) of the anthology television show Into The Dark (Season 1) before I went to sleep.

All that I can remember of this dream is that the character Chester Conklin from that episode was in the dream, in the dream he was a serial killer who would trap people and prank them until he kills them eventually usually, and I ended up being one of his victims along with a woman with light-color skin.

I was trapped inside a building while the woman was trapped outside the building, we did not realize that Chester was a serial killer at first or that we were trapped, but eventually it became clear after he kept goofing around and pranking us and acting strange.

I managed to survive Chester’s pranks and he went outside to prank the woman to death, I assumed that this was not really over and that he was still going to try to kill me somehow, and so I was on high alert as I cautiously tried to leave the building and escape without getting killed by Chester or a trap or something.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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