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I went to sleep on the living room couch and I had dreams that I did not record, I got awakened because I got too hot because someone turned off the air conditioner so I lost those dreams, and then I got in bed and I had more dreams but I was too tired to record some of them so I only recorded part of several of these dreams and sadly I did not record the others.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that several different leadership styles and / or leaders were shown, and you had to choose one; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I was riding a bicycle through a fictional area that crossed the downtown area of the city of D, I noticed something that I can not remember and I stopped, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream was partly inspired by me watching an episode of the anime television show Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin before I went to sleep.

Unfortunately I can not remember parts of this dream, it was a bit complex because it seemed to involve me transitioning smoothly back and forth between several different dream worlds that were going on at the same time maybe, and that made things harder to remember.

One part of the dream involved a struggle between several political factions / families et cetera over a certain country and this part of the dream was clearly inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, a second part of the dream involved me working at a fictional version of The BP Library that was mostly outside and partly inside areas at and near the properties of The E House and my aunt JE’s house and the empty yards between them, and a third part of the dream involved me dating or being married to and living with an older woman with light-color skin with yellow hair who reminded me of or was the character Vanessa Moss (played by the actress Barbara Crampton) from the television show Channel Zero: The Dream Door; and there were more parts of the dream that I moved in and out of, sometimes at the same time, but I can not remember the other parts.

The main part of the dream that I remember focused on me dating or being married to a Vanessa Moss (Barbara Crampton)-like woman who possibly spoke English with a British accent of some kind or just a more upper class-like accent, I was probably living at her house, and in her backyard were several RVs (recreational vehicles).

My girlfriend or wife would often have clients and / or friends et cetera visiting with her inside the house and maybe sometimes in the RVs, and I would often be in one or more of the RVs during those times depending on where they were at to give them privacy and space et cetera.

There was maybe a somewhat hidden strain / distance / tension in our relationship.

There was something going on with the RVs that possibly involved me discovering pornography in the form of videos / websites et cetera on computers sometimes as I did maintenance et cetera on them after my girlfriend or wife would had a client / whoever who would use them, and I would probably delete them et cetera as I cleaned up the computers and checked for malware and updated them et cetera.

My memory is too unclear to make sense of this and the fact that pornography was involved it is not clear, but there were possibly thoughts of affairs and / or me just seeing some porn videos as I deleted them and / or I had sex with one or more women in the RVs during the dream; but I am not sure which if any of these or true.

I remember Anissa Kate, I am not sure if she was in one or more of the porn videos and / or if I thought about her in my possibly affair thoughts / daydreams / dreams and / or if I really had sex with her one or more times in the RVs as part of an actual affair or several affairs with several women.

At some point when I was leaving one of the RVs while my girlfriend or wife was in the house, she walked outside and she confronted me, and she told me: “I know about your women, and what you do in the RVs.”.

I partly feigned ignorance because possibly in the dream I was possibly not even sure if I had one or more affairs going on or not, this dream was so complex with several different dreams going on at the same time in and out, that even I was confused and unsure in the dream if I was guilty or not; and behavior like that would not be like me at all so I did not want to believe it, I wanted to know for sure though, but I could not remember or make sense of enough details to confirm whether she was correct or not.

She did not believe that I did not know what she was talking about, and she asked me if I knew about her men; and I replied no, and so it seemed that she had several affairs going on.

I probably told her that I was not sure if that was true or not but she still did not believe me, she possibly callously said that she did not care really since she was cheating on me already, and she said that one of the women that I was allegedly having an affair with was named Eve.

I told her that I did not know anyone named Eve and that was not true as far as I knew, she then walked me to either another yard or the front of the yard where Eve was, and Eve was a woman with light-color skin with maybe brown hair who spoke English with maybe a Belgium French accent or French accent who had a group of followers with her.

I still had no idea who Eve was and I said so, we greet Eve but I still do not know her and maybe she says that she does not know me either, but my girlfriend or wife still does not believe me.

Our relationship was clearly strained now with us seemly being distant from each other with several affairs going on (on her part, and possibly my part if what she said was true which did not seem true after the Eve thing) but we were still together for some unknown reason, and the next thing that I remember is being outside working at the fictional version of The BP Library; and so I assume that this dream world transitioned into the dream world with my girlfriend or wife with both going on at the same time now.

Someone has been hiring many Spanish speaking men with medium-color skin to do manual labor outside and maybe do construction, maybe on the library and / or some houses nearby, and so I saw a variety of men speaking Spanish and working as I worked at the library.

I saw and talked to some of my coworkers like Mr. CF and our director Mrs. EC who was trying to help a patron with a printer issue outside, and so I walked over to help the patron.

The third dream world transitioned into this dream world and combined together with the other two again with all three going on at the same time, and one of the political factions / families invaded another so a battle began with a charge of soldiers on maybe rhinoceros (rhinos) and maybe horses and maybe vehicles through our area.

Chaos broke out as we ran for our lives as the soldiers charged through the area, I remember running and using obstacles to help slow them down to avoid them running me over, and this was barely working.

I woke up as I ran for my life dodging around obstacles.

Dream 4

The end of this dream took place at a fictional multi-purpose building with many halls and rooms, and The BP Library was in several parts of the building near a fictional recreational business that served food and drinks and had arcades et cetera and maybe a skating rink and you could pay $79 to rent out the place for events; and us library workers could get into that business for free but we had to pay for our own food and drinks et cetera.

I visited the business during my break, it was being prepared for someone to rent it out so I was not able to take my break there at the time, and after that I went to a large open carpeted room near an exit that had some small quiet hallways on the right with several rooms that also belonged to the library.

I did some working and exploring in this area until I needed to defecate, oddly there was an open toilet in the corner of the open room near the entrance of one of the hallways, and this spot was surprisingly private even though it was in the open but it was positioned in a way that someone would have to be walking past you to see you clearly and your back would be facing people in the open room area to your left.

No one else was in this area so I sat on the toilet defecating, this was one of the most realistic if not most realistic defecation in a dream experiences that I have ever had, and I sat on the toilet really defecating for a realistic amount of time with the sense that it probably did not smell good.

I even wiped with toilet paper and wiping was completely realistic, I mean completely (it was scary how real this was), and I had to wipe a realistic amount of time and the feces looked and wiped realistically.

A group of young children on a school trip to the library entered the room as I was wiping to have a story time or something, fortunately they could not really see me, but they could smell me.

Fortunately I was able to finish wiping and then flush the toilet, then spray some cleaner in the toilet, then I got some soap and water on some toilet paper and maybe wiped my but quickly again and put it in the toilet and flushed, I sprayed some more cleaner in the toilet because I heard some children complaining about the smell, and then I washed my hands with soap and water before anyone could really see me much.

After this I continued working and exploring the rooms along the small hallways in this corner, there was at least one bedroom in this area that I saw, but then I found a room that I did not recognize that was a bedroom that did not seem to be part of the library.

It was furnished and someone even had some photographs in there with one with two boys with dark-color skin who looked familiar, I hoped that this was abandoned because I would want to stay there, and then I could have my own place and be right there at the library; and this was a multi-purpose building so I would have access to several businesses and various activities and indoor and outdoor areas.

While I was continuing to explore I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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