Subverse (Season 1) | Teaser Trailer + Episodes 1 – 2 + Episode 3 Teaser Trailer

What is it?

The other day I was contacted by someone who says that they work with the award-winning writer, director, animator Joseph White about me making a post about his on-going Black Mirror-like web television series Subverse (Season 1).



I watched the trailer last on YouTube, and before that I watched episodes 1 and 2 and the teaser trailer for episode 3 on Vimeo from a video by the Vimeo channel Joseph White called SUBVERSE EPISODES ONE + TWO:

Episodes 1 & 2


What is it about?

This is how this web television was described to me by them (you can click here to reach the official website):

The series is set in a world where everyone spends all their time indoors staring at computer screens.

Just like us, they work, socialize, game, and even date online.

The only difference is they ‘jack-in’ to their machines with a hypodermic needle and mainline the internet directly into their bloodstream; so it becomes an immersive and visceral hallucination.

SUBVERSE is currently on the festival circuit and has won 11 awards including Best Sci-Fi Series at London Short Series Festival, Best Episodic at the Infinity Film Festival Beverly Hills, and the Future Vision Award at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival.

This web television show is still on-going so maybe future episodes et cetera will possibly be added to this YouTube playlist (among other locations) by the YouTube channel SUBVERSE WEB-SERIES called SUBVERSE SEASON ONE:


My Thoughts

I did not like the trailer that much which was a bit too risqué and did not give a good enough example of the show so far in my opinion, but I am liking the show so far except for some of the more risqué parts so I am curious to see what happens next with this show.

Episode 1 had me wondering what would happen next, episode 2 became a bit crazy and weird in a digital drug-induced surreal-like way, and the teaser for episode 3 once again had me wondering what would happen next.

Another work by Joseph White that I once saw and made a post about was the impressive and thought-provoking short film The Brain Hack, and so I hope that this show will keep that level of quality; and I am glad that Mr. White is still making new content.

The Brain Hack – Short Film

So thank you for informing me about this project and for asking me to make a post about it, and good luck.

The end,

-John Jr

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