Vacationing In Russia | Sneaker Pimp & French King Cake | A Convention | An Awards Show

Dream 1

This dream took place during a gray day and I was with most of my family driving through the countryside of Russia, we were making a sudden and possibly short vacation trip to Russia, and we were driving up a country road that was becoming increasingly flooded and muddy which almost made us turn around and leave but we continued.

At some point on our left in a field I saw what I thought was a very small and rough and inhumane refugee camp, this was by one of the muddiest and most flood areas, and I was worried that we were at risk of getting stuck and / or getting robbed and / or attacked.


French Recipe : Galette Des Rois À La Frangipane (King’s Cake Or King Cake)

Source: YouTube

Yesterday I finally made Galette Des Rois À La Frangipane (French Style King’s Cake or King Cake) for the first time using a recipe by the YouTube channel So Frenchy in her video French Recipe : Galette Des Rois (King’s Cake):

I added 1 oz more almonds than the recipe called for because the bag that I had was 6 oz instead of 5 oz so I somewhat increased the amount of most of the other ingredients as well.

I lost most of my egg yolk when it accidentally fell into the mixture which did not leave enough for me to spread on the outside unfortunately, and maybe that is why my edges did not seal well enough so some of my mixture leaked out while it was cooking causing a burning smell.

Fortunately the final product did not look as bad as I had expected due to my mistakes, but I put too much almond and it was not sweet enough or moist enough.

It was not bad but not as good as I had expected, probably due to some of my errors, and maybe I will try to make it sweeter if I try to make it again.

I was supposed to make this months ago for my coworkers because I found the baby in the king cake last year and so I was supposed to bring a king cake this year, but I never did. 😀

But thanks to So Frenchy I have finally made one, not for my coworkers because I wanted my family and I to try this recipe first to make sure that I could make it good enough to share with my coworkers, and so thank you So Frenchy.

The end,

-John Jr