Vacationing In Russia | Sneaker Pimp & French King Cake | A Convention | An Awards Show

Dream 1

This dream took place during a gray day and I was with most of my family driving through the countryside of Russia, we were making a sudden and possibly short vacation trip to Russia, and we were driving up a country road that was becoming increasingly flooded and muddy which almost made us turn around and leave but we continued.

At some point on our left in a field I saw what I thought was a very small and rough and inhumane refugee camp, this was by one of the muddiest and most flood areas, and I was worried that we were at risk of getting stuck and / or getting robbed and / or attacked.

I felt bad for the few assumed refugees that I saw sitting outside underneath a barely covered area, and we kept going until we reached the entrance to a Russian town or village that reminded me of a place from a past dream in either Eastern Europe or Italy.

There was a military or embassy like building on the left with a male soldier with light-color skin standing outside of it wearing a dress uniform, after waking up I realized that it looked a lot like The United States Marine Corps dress uniform but I could be wrong so maybe it was an embassy for The United States but I am not sure, and I remembered that I wanted to take some photographs of my trip with my camera to show my coworkers so I sneaked a quick picture in his direction of the building behind him before hiding my camera (because I was not sure if we were allowed to take photographs of that building) and then continuing to take photographs of other things after we past that building.

There was a walking trail that went up through the town or village, but we went inside a building that seemed to be the welcoming center / tourist center / whatever.

There were display cases with various Russian objects and things from history et cetera, and other things as we walked around as I took photographs.

A tour group entered and were having a tour of the building so we joined them, we reached a room that had a small open storage-like room, and I went in there with several other tourists including a man with light-color skin with short yellow hair.

This man left and came back as I was trying to get out so I had to squeeze past him and he got angry, and then I accidentally bumped into a rough and dangerous-looking thin man with dark-color skin who was with several other rough and dangerous-looking men with dark-color skin.

I apologized but he also got angry, then he and the other men with dark-color skin started looking around at people with death stares like they were trying to intimidate people to see who were weak enough for them to rob, and then they started harassing someone trying to rough him it seemed.

I started analyzing the situation trying to decide how and when and if I would get involved, I decided to get involved but I needed to be smart about it, and I probably said something to them then I was starting to walk over toward them when I woke up.

Dream 2

This was possibly a semi-false awakening dream and / or semi-daydream and thoughts that I had while still in bed, I thought that I had gotten up to get ready for work, but in reality I was still in bed.

I remember remembering that I still had some French king cake that I made yesterday left and that I should eat some for breakfast, and so I was going to eat some of that soon.

I thought of some other things that I can not remember, and I remember thinking of something funny where I came up with / thought up a name or description or something with Sneaker Pimp in the name but I can not remember the details.

I then remembered the music band Sneaker Pimps and their song 6 Underground, I started to hear the song in my mind as I thought that making a post about it soon would be a good idea, and I tried to remember when was the first time that I heard this song.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place outside during the day in the wilderness in a maybe dry area with hard dry orange dirt and maybe almost sand-like dirt and some plant-life, and a special convention-like event was taking place for maybe journalists (maybe mostly video game journalists and sports journalist, but I am not sure).

The event seemed to be sponsored by one or more companies, but I could be wrong.

I was there walking around as various activities, games, challenges, et cetera took place.

I stopped to watch an activity that had some robots with an upper body with maybe just a black metal pole for a lower body with female voices and / or some women leading the activity, the activity seemed to be based on American football, and people competed against each other in teams where maybe they had to throw footballs or something like that.

One team won, there was an obese man with light-color skin with maybe brown hair and facial hair named John on that team and an attractive woman with light-color skin but I can not remember her name, and the female robot or woman made a joke about them being a match or something and she or it did a brief marriage-like / winners ceremony for them.

John seemed to be a video game journalist and the woman on his team seemed to be a sports journalist, John was stunned and happy by the win and by what the robot or woman said, and I remember telling John that my name was John as well and I made a joke to him that I can not remember.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream also took place outside in the wilderness, this time there was a bit more grass and it was not as dry and maybe it was not far from a body of water, and once again an event was taking place out here.

This time it seemed to be an awards show, maybe a film awards show, and so various celebrities (mostly actors and actresses et cetera it seemed) were there so it was pretty exclusive.

There were security guards wearing suits and maybe sunglasses scattered around mostly in the lower areas while the seating area was in an amphitheater that was built into the hill.

I remember arriving there wearing either a nice dark suit or tuxedo, I was walked from the left side to reach the seating area, and as I was walking I saw a woman walking away from the seating area walking a very young child who was making loud sounds that reminded me of the baby from the trailer for the movie High Life:

I wondered if that was the baby from that movie, and I assumed that maybe it was.

As I reached the seating area I heard either that same child or another child screaming, crying, and maybe even louder sounds as maybe their parent continued to walk them away trying to get them to quiet down.

I looked around taking in the moment and scenery and how cool it was to be here, I noticed where the security was down below, and I wondered how and why was I here because I am not a celebrity.

I then started to think about and daydream about how this would be even better if I was not here alone and if I had a girlfriend or wife or woman here with me, along with some bodyguards to look cool and important and for a bit of protection, and my thoughts / daydreaming was so vivid that I was able to see a beautiful woman with nice long red hair with light-color skin with maybe amazing blue eyes with an amazing cute and happy and loving smile wearing maybe a nice formal blueish-color dress appear (my mind randomly thought up this woman, and I did not specifically think of how this woman would look) in the direction that I had just walked from along with two or more male bodyguards wearing dark-suits with sunglasses.

The woman looked like or was Amarna Miller, she smiled at me with her wonderful smile and I smiled back and I reached out my hand toward her, and she started to walk over quickly to reach out her hand to mine to join me and walk together to our seats as our bodyguards walked with us covering our flanks.

I then imagined us walking and talking arm and arm happily together to our seats with our bodyguards as people watched wondering who we were as they probably thought that we must be pretty important to have bodyguards, and this was a pretty fun and cool moment.

I got distracted from this thought / daydream by what sounded almost like distance automatic gunfire (maybe submachine gun) that I heard as a child was screaming and crying and making loud sounds still, I looked around at the security below but none of them seemed to be on alert, and so I assumed that was not gunfire that I heard in the distance.

I then tried to decide where to sit, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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