A Building-Like House & A Strange Couple With A Lot Of Kids

Part of this dream possibly had a strange cover of the song Snake Eater by Cynthia Harrell.

The end of the dream took place at a building-like house, and I was there with most of my family except for my brother CC and his family.

My family and I seemed to be moving into this house-like building, we already had some of our stuff inside the house, and I remember a strange couple with light-color skin who seemed to be maybe part of some kind of religious summer camp and / or just religious being allowed inside the house to maybe stay a little while.

They had maybe two children with light-color skin with them at first who I assumed to be their kids, but as the dream more children appeared who seemed to be from different countries including Egypt kept showing up like either the couple were over a religious summer camp and / or most of the children were adopted.

The couple and the children seemed to slowly be taking over the house getting to comfortable like they were going to be living there permanently and / or like they were going to turn it into a summer camp even though we were probably only letting them stay briefly.

When the couple first showed up I remember briefly talking with them, something was strange about them, and I remember them looking through some of our stuff finding old fictional and real photographs of my family.

They found an old photograph of me when I was a kid that was probably a real photograph, but they also found a photograph of me as a kid in a hospital bed with my mom who had a white bandage around the top of her head like she had surgery and / or an injury.

My mom seemed to be trying to comfort me because I was probably worried about her injury, the photograph looked real, but I did not remember this photograph or moment ever happening so I was confused and I wondered why I had no memory of this.

I got distracted from these thoughts because I needed to urinate, and so I went looking for a bathroom as I continued to explore this house finding new and slowly larger areas.

The house was slightly rough but it was in pretty good condition for an older house that was probably abandoned for a while, and as I explored it while looking for a bathroom it started to look more building-like and I found larger areas.

Also more children showed up as I went into a bathroom that looked more like a public bathroom, but the top of part of the wall was open in some areas oddly which gave you a view of some hallways and restaurant-like areas.

There was possibly some showers in the largest part of the bathroom, I remember some of the children going into the bathroom as I did, and one of them was a young man or young woman who I assumed to be from Egypt (Egyptian) and he or she had some stereotypical Egyptian-like eye makeup et cetera on which made it harder to tell if this was a male or female.

We both noticed one or more dials in an upper corner near the open parts of the top of a wall, and those dials controlled the air conditioner for the bathroom.

I climbed up there to see what temperature it was set on, it was set to 80 degrees, and the assumed Egyptian young adult wanted it set to 70 degrees but I set it to 75 degrees.

I can not remember if I urinated or not after that, I possibly did or maybe not because too many people were around, and when I woke up I really did need to urinate in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr

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