My Coworker JB Helping My Former Classmate DH & Teleportation

I had more dreams but I only recorded part of the end of my last dream which took place inside a slightly larger nicer version of The BP Library during the day I assume.

I am not sure if I was there working or not, I just know that before this I had met my former male classmate DH in a forgotten part of the dream, and he and his mother Mrs. CH had entered the library before me.


Reagan Called African Delegates “Monkeys” In Recording

Reagan called African delegates "monkeys" in recording
Source: YouTube

Recently (maybe Thursday) someone asked me if I had heard the news about Ronald Reagan when I got home from work and I was out running errands, I had not heard the news, and so I went to check the MSN News app on my mobile phone but I saw nothing about it on the home page.

When I got home I checked the home page of Google News, I still saw nothing about it, and so I had to do a search on Google News to finally find some news about it; and then I went to YouTube to find so videos about it.

This was my favorite video that I saw from the main stream news media about it:

This was the second video that I saw about it:

The only people I follow who even mentioned it so far was Double Toasted:

At the end of that day Google News finally got a news article on the home page about it but it was at the very bottom, I would think that this would be bigger news, but I guess American presidents get more protection and privilege et cetera.

It took way too long for this recording to be released and / or talked about, and it is still not getting the attention that I think that it should.

I hope that more information like this is released so that more people can learn the truth about various things and people, including hidden / systematic racism / racialism et cetera, because there is a lot more out there about various topics and people.

Ronald Reagan was probably the favorite American president of my former coworker Mr. LS, and so I wonder what he thinks about this news.

My former coworker Mr. C was not a fan of Mr. Reagan, he once told me his thoughts about him and his administration, and so he would not be surprised by this.

Well I guess it is time to finally make a post about Killer Mike’s song Reagan.

The end,

-John Jr