My Coworker JB Helping My Former Classmate DH & Teleportation

I had more dreams but I only recorded part of the end of my last dream which took place inside a slightly larger nicer version of The BP Library during the day I assume.

I am not sure if I was there working or not, I just know that before this I had met my former male classmate DH in a forgotten part of the dream, and he and his mother Mrs. CH had entered the library before me.

Inside the library there were patrons sitting where the computer lab should be, and they were watching a video that was probably being projected on a large white screen.

Among the crowd were my male cousins CC and BC along with several people who were with them.

I saw DH, Mrs. CH, and my female coworker JB sitting on the floor near the computer desk by The Media Room so I walked over to see what was going on.

I greeted them and I learned that DH had dropped his contact lenses and several other objects on the floor, and JB was helping him pick them up et cetera so I joined in.

DH said that JB was very helpful and seemed to be good and maybe meticulous at this like she had previous experience with this, and I responded: “Yeah, she is amazing.” and I thanked JB for helping and I asked her what I could do to help.

JB told me that I could put the contact lenses in their case so that the cleaning fluid could clean them and keep them from drying out, and so I went to do this.

I held the contact lenses up to the light to see if I could tell them apart, the left contact lens had a small L on it and the right contact lens had a R on it, and then I made sure that I put them in the correct side of the case with one side marked L and the other side R.

While helping them we talked, I also paid attention to the patrons watching the video, and I noticed two fictional new female coworkers with dark-color skin with long black hair with two small carts shelving books in The Adult Non-Fiction Section while talking loudly (maybe on a mobile phone and / or with each other) with harsh language and a harsh lower class Eastside accent that some people would describe as ghetto.

I possibly walked over to the two fictional new female coworkers and briefly talked with them before then walking over to talk to my cousins and several other people who were watching the video, my cousins and several other patrons and DH and Mrs. CH all needed to go somewhere, and I had either some technology and / or superpower that allowed me to teleport so I was going to teleport them there.

Somehow teleportation was a thing that I could do somehow and it did not seem that unusual, maybe rare but like it was known that I could do it, and so I did not realize that I was dreaming or that this was very unusual.

I could only teleport people who were either touching me and / or who were close enough to me, but there were too many people to fit at one time and some people were not ready yet (like DH and Mrs. CH) so I decided to teleport one group of people first and then come back for the others.

I probably teleported the first group of patrons, then I returned, and I continued talking with the others and maybe helping until they were ready for me to teleport them but then I woke up in the real world to the news of another mass shooting in The United States in less than a day called The 2019 Dayton Shooting.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello Alien Resort,

It has been a long time since I have heard about or seen that surprisingly, I wonder how much they cost now-a-days, I tried contact lenses once but I did not like trying to put them on and it would take me too long and it would be more expensive et cetera; and so I returned to glasses.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hello Moment,

Interesting, thank you for sharing that, and that is a good question. 🙂

I am not sure but it would probably be either a healing factor (which could make you semi-immortal) and / or the ability to heal others, immortality, telekinesis (which can be used to fly, for offense, and for defense), and conjuration (to summon living and non-living things and things/people from my dreams/daydreams/thoughts).

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hello Moment,

I am glad that I had a little surprise there; I imagine conjuration in this sense as basically being able to bring your dreams into reality, which would be pretty cool, imagine summoning dream characters and dream worlds et cetera.

Being able to heal others and yourself is definitely one of those abilities that has crossed my mind many times as a somewhat more realistic and practical ability that I wished that I had.

Thank you for replying,
-John Jr

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