Reagan Called African Delegates “Monkeys” In Recording

Reagan called African delegates "monkeys" in recording
Source: YouTube

Recently (maybe Thursday) someone asked me if I had heard the news about Ronald Reagan when I got home from work and I was out running errands, I had not heard the news, and so I went to check the MSN News app on my mobile phone but I saw nothing about it on the home page.

When I got home I checked the home page of Google News, I still saw nothing about it, and so I had to do a search on Google News to finally find some news about it; and then I went to YouTube to find so videos about it.

This was my favorite video that I saw from the main stream news media about it:

This was the second video that I saw about it:

The only people I follow who even mentioned it so far was Double Toasted:

At the end of that day Google News finally got a news article on the home page about it but it was at the very bottom, I would think that this would be bigger news, but I guess American presidents get more protection and privilege et cetera.

It took way too long for this recording to be released and / or talked about, and it is still not getting the attention that I think that it should.

I hope that more information like this is released so that more people can learn the truth about various things and people, including hidden / systematic racism / racialism et cetera, because there is a lot more out there about various topics and people.

Ronald Reagan was probably the favorite American president of my former coworker Mr. LS, and so I wonder what he thinks about this news.

My former coworker Mr. C was not a fan of Mr. Reagan, he once told me his thoughts about him and his administration, and so he would not be surprised by this.

Well I guess it is time to finally make a post about Killer Mike’s song Reagan.

The end,

-John Jr

2 responses to “Reagan Called African Delegates “Monkeys” In Recording”

    • Hello True George,

      I agree that it is worse when people cover up/hide those feelings/beliefs, and thank you for being the first to share their opinion; I am still surprised by how little attention this news got.

      -John Jr

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