Amanda Nunes? | Getting Frustrated | A Business Fire & Running Home Barefoot?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this possible dream is that Amanda Nunes was possibly in the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a living room, it was possibly night, but I am not sure because there were no windows but it probably felt like it was night.

I was there with my mom and my brother CC, a fictional season of the television show American Horror Story was playing on a television, and I was trying to troubleshoot a problem with a Brother All-In-One Laser Printer.

At some point I got so frustrated that I pushed/slapped/threw the printer of the table or desk that it was on, which is not like me, and it hit the ground hard enough that one of the buttons popped off.

I then tried to calm myself down, while doing this, I wondered if buying a new brand of printer would allow me to avoid this problem.

To me it seemed to maybe be an issue on Brother’s end, so that is probably why I could not fix it, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I am not sure if this dream took place during the evening or if it started in the night and then somehow became evening, I am also not sure if I was myself or not during the early part of the dream, either way the dream started at a multi-story warehouse/shop-like business that was owned by Emilio Estevez and maybe one or more of his brothers.

It seemed that Emilio Estevez did most of the work running it so his brother or brothers did not really seem involved with it other than maybe being co-owners, and somehow a fire started inside the business.

I was possibly Mr. Estevez briefly sometimes during this part of the dream but I am not sure, either way, Mr. Estevez/I grabbed a fire extinguisher and he/I ran to find the fire.

He/I found several smaller fires that he/I put out, but there was one or more larger fires in the areas where there was wielding equipment and chemicals and other explosive things like that.

He/I called for an evacuation, I remember yelling for people to evacuate as he/I ran to see if he/I could put out the fire, but from the sound and flames it seemed that the entire building would explode and burn; and so he/I started to run for his/my life.

All the employees that I remember seeing evacuating were men who seemed to be wielders, equipment/machinery operators, and other usually male-dominated jobs like that.

I was definitely myself at this point now, and so I got lost because I did not know my way around this multi-story building / business.

It was pretty intense as I ran for my life trying to find a way out of the building before it explodes and / or burns down, and eventually I reached the outside.

I ran across the street to an interesting somewhat futuristic area with raised small all glass buildings where you could sit and watch television, it was a bit like a train station/rest area/park, and there were other people there including others who had evacuated the building.

On the news there was talk about something that I can not remember, and maybe the building fire was on the news as well but I can not remember.

As I sat there trying to calm down I noticed some people with dark-color skin I knew from Eastside and from back when I was in public school, I briefly talked with them and some other people as we watched the news, and one of the people was a former female schoolmate of mine who was older than me but I do not know her name.

This former schoolmate seemed interested in me, and at some point I decided to run home instead of wait around here.

I think that I was barefoot during all or some of this, but I did not notice this until near the end.

During my run home various normal and strange things happened during my journey, and one of these strange things was maybe a commercial that was possibly being filmed and/or projected outside along a street as I ran by or this was somehow happening in my mind with me seeing it happening in the dream world.

A fictional famous female maybe musician with light-color skin with long hair whose hair color changed several times between red and red with dark roots and red and yellow and then yellow and then maybe yellow with dark roots who was possibly from Spain or South America who looked like a combination of Amarna Miller and one or more celebrities whose names I can not remember was the star of the commercial.

The commercial was about a product, maybe a soda or something but I can not remember, and the musician was smiling and walking while holding it and talking about herself and her music/tour and the product.

I watched this as I ran by but I kept running, later another strange thing happened as I ran that involved me somehow seeing clips from what looked like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but it was possibly just a similar fictional late-night show and host.

There was a live audience there and the view moved between the host talking as the audience would sometimes laugh, and video and images as he talked.

One thing that he talked about was a video clip and images showing Bill O’Reilly in a European country outside during the day sitting down wearing a suit in a concrete area near a sidewalk, someone filming the video was talking to Mr. O’Reilly briefly, and after this Mr. O’Reilly said: “You can continue or you can start now.” to someone who you could not see yet because they were out of the view of the camera.

*Sexual Content Warning*

After saying that, an attractive woman with light-color skin with yellow hair from this European country moved toward him on her knees, and she was now in view of the camera.

There was a sudden jump to a zoomed in camera view of the crotch of a man sitting down wearing dress pants with his pants unzipped with his erect penis out, and the woman’s head was moving toward it with her mouth open like she was about to perform oral sex on the man.

It was not clear if this was still Mr. O’Reilly, it was assumed, but the sudden jump made it look like this could also be an edited video to make it seem like it was still him there about to get his penis sucked by this woman.

The video stopped as the woman was just starting to perform oral sex on him or when the penis was about to make contact with her mouth, and then it jumped back to the host making a funny face as the audience laughed at a still image of that final scene in the video.

The host then showed another video clip and some images, once again it was day outside in a concrete area near a street, and this time it was Boris Johnson visiting a German or Austrian-like country in Europe; and he was sitting down as someone was briefly talking to him as they filmed him.

After this Mr. Johnson said something to someone who was out of the view of the camera, and then an attractive woman from this European country with light-color skin with yellow hair in a traditional hairstyle of this country wearing a dirndl moved into view of the camera toward Mr. Johnson.

The woman started to suck the side of his face, his cheek mostly, and this seemed to be some kind of traditional custom or something in this country like it was some kind of weird face massage or something.

Mr. Johnson started to make funny sounds and faces like he was really enjoying this, the video ended, and it returned to the host and audience laughing at this as they showed a still image of this final scene.

All of this happened as I continued running, at this point I was no longer in fictional areas, and I was in the city of D past W Park.

I then realized that I was barefoot and that somehow I seemed to be crossing distances faster than I should, I wondered if I was somehow faster than normal or if time was jumping or if the distances were shorter than normal, but I was so focused on how I was running barefoot and so fast that this distracted me from realizing that I was dreaming.

I remember looking at my feet, I could feet the street and everything, and it felt real and cool; and my running stride was different than when I wear shoes, and I this distracted me even further.

I quickly reached the street that The E House is on, I saw some older people with dark-color skin in the street trying to help another old person who seemed to be having a medical emergency, but I decided that they had it under control; and so I kept running.

I reached my parents street, it was cool being able to run this fast and barefoot and with a running stride like that, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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