Dreams Within Dreams And / Or Video Game Dream Worlds?

I do not feel like typing my dreams, and so I will just type a lazy overview of part of two dreams that I had.

I did not record these until after going to sleep and waking back up again several times, and so a lot is unclear and forgotten.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day across several days, each day I would go to an area near or at a fairground, and there was maybe a small parking lot with a small building.

Inside the building there was a front desk, I remember two male coworkers with light-color skin being there most of the time, and I would go to this desk to checkout / retrieve / gain access to my army and / or a virtual reality-like video game and / or a video game-like dream world that was possibly a dream within a dream.

In the video game or video game-like dream world or dream within a dream, I would have an army, and there were three soldiers with at least one of them being a male military officer who I would put in charge of two parts of my army while I controlled the third part of my army.

Two of the soldiers were over one group and the third soldier was over the other group, each day I would meet up with them, and then we would move to our assigned parts of my army.

I assume that we would have battles against other armies like this was a war video game or something but I can not remember.

My mom went to the fairground area with me at least one, but the rest of the times I was probably by myself.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream possibly started inside a video game or video game-like dream world and / or dream within a dream again, it was day again, and when I was walking around I noticed some kind of glitch in the sky that looked like maybe a hacker and/or some malware had breached the video game/dream world.

The glitch moved around like it was possibly trying to target me, and so I left the video game or dream world briefly.

I decided to return to try to stop it, I probably used some powers or something to attack it or try to attack it, and I remember someone having a large muscular English Bulldog-like dog that tried to attack me like someone/something was controlling it.

I uppercutted the dog several times until it ran back to its owner in fear like I had broken the control of the hacker/malware/whatever that was briefly controlling it, and then I continued my quest to find who was behind this to stop them.

Along my journey I possibly met my dad, then maybe my brother GC, and finally my male cousin ME.

Someone/something was going around murdering certain people, I felt that it was the same person/thing that had targeted me earlier, and my cousin ME and I had a run-in with a threat.

I remember kicking the glass out of a window in a room so that we could escape, we escaped and my male cousin ME went his own way, and then I found a group of other targeted people who were having a meeting about this situation in a classroom.

The classroom had an entrance/exit door and a door that went to another classroom, a woman with light-color skin was leading the meeting, and I listened and maybe I shared my experiences.

At some point a man with light-color skin left the room, he left the door open which I thought was unsafe and suspicious, and so I walked out into the hallway to tell him this and I locked the door.

I warned the others that we should lock the doors and stay on alert, we were being targeted and someone was murdering us after all, and so I felt that we should focus on better security and working together.

Someone entered our classroom from the other classroom right before I could lock that door too, there were some keys in that door, and I possible took them before I locked it.

The man who had left returned, I cautiously let him in maybe or I left him locked out, I probably left him locked out; and he was probably the person who had entered from the other classroom before I locked it.

The others did not seem to care about securing the room or staying alert, and so I possibly left because I felt that we were easy targets in this classroom.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “Dreams Within Dreams And / Or Video Game Dream Worlds?”

Hello Alien Resort,

That is a good question, my wild guess is that it would depend on if it is a model that even has sleep tracking, and then it probably would only show no deeper than just maybe REM sleep.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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