Zenni Optical Translucent Rectangle Glasses #2018923

What is it?

The Zenni Optical Translucent Rectangle Glasses #2018923.

What is it about?

This is how Zenni Optical describes this glasses frame:

These classic rectangle glasses go a long way on style and affordability.

Made with light and flexible TR90 plastic, this medium-wide frame comes in four glossy options: black, teal, clear, and red; two matte options: navy and brown (with a complementary matte pink interior).

Universal Bridge Fit glasses from Zenni

My Thoughts

I got this glasses frame with the Zenni Optical Blokz Blue Blocker lenses that come with the standard anti-reflective coating, and this is my first completely clear/translucent pair of glasses.

Zenni Blokz Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This time this frame did not have the arms bent inward, like the black version of these frames when I bought a test pair and a pair for my male cousin DE, and so they were able to fit me without any problems fortunately this time.

This frame is a better size than my previous pair and looks better and less dorky on me than my previous pair of glasses, and so they are probably my best pair of glasses now, and they are the cheapest but still durable enough so far.

I am not sure if the blue light blocking lenses have helped to reduce eye strain or not, I want to say that they have helped a bit, but I am not sure, and I want to say that they possibly help me to take more naps when I do not get enough sleep if I sit down and be still long enough, but I could be wrong.

If this pair survives until my next eye exam this year and if I do not find a better pair, then I will probably get this pair again in maybe the color black, and I will get the photochromic blue light blocking lenses.

The end,

  • John Jr

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