Being Forced / Drafted Into A War Against Aliens / Creatures / Entities?

This dream is super unclear, but I think that there was some kind of threat(s) (maybe aliens, maybe creatures, some kind of other entities, and/or possessed people) that attacked/invaded.

I think that some other people and I were rounded up and drafted and forced to fight the threat(s) with little-to-no training (probably none) and little to no equipment.

I think that we were rounded up like criminals or something (even though we were not criminals), I think I remember being transported with other people to a prison-like place that was probably some kind of military installation, and we probably had to fight in the war or whatever or stay locked up or worse.

They were treating us like criminals, we were probably rounded up by surprise in mass immediately from wherever we were, and basically they were using us as pawns/cannon fodder against the threat(s).

I am not sure if we were considered part of the military or not, it seemed to be some kind of emergency forced draft situation, and I assume the plan was to throw a lot of forced volunteers/draftees/whatever at the threat(s) first instead of risking trained soldiers et cetera.

Or the situation was just that bad that the trained soldiers needed help/replacing already this early in the war/invasion/whatever.

I decided to fight instead of stay locked up and groups of other people like me were probably given little to no gear, and then we were shipped off to fight; and I remember many of us being piled up on the back of trucks and being driven to battlefields.

We probably fought in various battles, many of us died, it was probably pretty depressing seeing so many of your fellow comrades dying; and we were just regular people being thrown at the enemy, and basically fighting to survive without training or proper equipment.

It was probably a bit like Starship Troopers if you had little to no weapons or armor or training, and if someone just snatched you out of bed one night and threw you on the battlefield against threats that the world has never faced before.

Some of us who survived ended up at a fictional two-story version of The BP Library, there was a woman in our group who probably reminded me of Jennelle Eliana, and at some point we found her dead I think.

A man or male entity had her body, he or it probably killed her or whatever, and he or it was possibly involved with the threat(s) who were attacking; but he escaped.

We were angry and we wanted to go after him but the library needed to be secured from some threats that were inside the building, I assume that some threats from the outside would sometimes get inside, and so we stayed to find and fight the threats and secure the building and my coworkers and the patrons.

I probably used a random object as a melee weapon or something like that, and I went around the second floor trying to secure it and find my coworkers and patrons.

At some point my coworker Mr. CF ran to the second floor from the first floor, he was the security guard as usual, but the first floor was the most dangerous and he was not going to risk his life so he told me that he was not going back down there.

I reminded him that he was the head of security and that we still had coworkers and patrons down there, but he said that I could go down there and risk my life if I wanted to but he was not going back down there; and so I ran to the first floor worried because I still had not found most of my coworkers, and most or all the patrons were down there too.

On the first floor I found a break room and several of my female coworkers like JB, DC, Mrs. CRH, Mrs. JM, and maybe Mrs. RB were sitting down at a table at the back of the room like everything was normal.

I was in a bit of a panic still worried about their safety, and I asked them if they were okay; and I asked them if there were any more of our coworkers on this floor, where were the patrons, and had they seen any threats.

I can not remember what their response was, I do know that I probably told them to get to the second floor with the others until I could finish clearing the 1st floor, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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