Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSDs) | Gundams & Obamas | At A Nasty Hotel With Alice Morgan & My Family

Ruth Wilson in Luther (2010)
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I remembered more dreams but I did not record them, I woke up and was going to record them, but I guess I went back to sleep each time.

Dream 1

I am not sure if this is part of its own dream or if it was part of another dream, either way, all that I can remember of this dream is that I was somewhere with some other people.

Someone else had a tongue stabilizing device (TSD), which is the type of anti-snoring device that I use, and I had mine there as well.

I remember smelling a bit of a bad smell, I remember the other person saying that they were going to go clean their TSD, and someone else walked by smelling the smell as well.

They saw my TSD and said that some bleach would get the smell out, while true I did not think that bleach would be a good idea to use on my TSD, and I wondered if my TSD was smelling too or if it was just the smell from the other person’s TSD.

I clean mine after each use with water, soap, and white vinegar; and so I wondered if I should clean it with something else as well, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by me watching an episode of the anime (animated) television show Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin before I went to sleep.

I was inside a building taking part in experimenting/testing/researching giant machines that looked like Gundams, I possibly got to test pilot one or more, and I got to help try to attach something on the chest area where a shirt pocket on a human shirt would normally be located.

At some point I was inside The BP Library with a Gundam, and Michelle Obama and younger versions of Malia Obama and Sasha Obama entered the library.

Malia and Sasha walked into the Teen Section where I was, I am not sure if Mrs. Obama asked me to watch them or not, I just remember protecting them while Mrs. Obama went around the library.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The end of this dream seemed to take place during the night inside a multi-story hotel that was possibly owned by a family from India or Pakistan, in the forgotten parts of the dream I was walking around the hotel, and I probably met several people including my former male classmate AS.

When I returned to my hotel room, which was probably on an upper floor, I remember seeing AS again so maybe he stopped by briefly before leaving.

Inside my hotel room was all of my family except for my brother CC’s family, and the character Alice Morgan from the television show Luther was there.

Alice Morgan and I seemed to be dating or married, she did not act like Alice Morgan (she did not seem to be a psychopath or malignant narcissist or dangerous), but she looked like her except she was possibly shorter but I could be wrong.

When you enter the hotel room there was a TV straight ahead against the wall on the right side in the middle, some of my family was watching the TV, it was bed time so we were going to be going to sleep soon.

Past the TV was the bed that Alice and I were going to sleep in, it was probably next to the only window that I remember seeing, and Alice and I went to get in bed.

Alice was wearing a slip, I remember picking her up under her arms and putting her on the bed (which I did again one or two other times when she briefly needed to get in and out of bed later), and I remember checking the bed and bed sheets and noticing how dirty and nasty they looked and felt.

This hotel looked like it probably used to be very nice once, but it had not been taken care of so it looked older and rougher; and if you took a closer look you started to notice that things were nasty.

The bed sheets were a yellow/orange color with some very dark dirty spots along the sides and several other places, these were the dirtiest bed sheets that I have ever seen, and then they felt dirty in a strange way like oil build-up from people’s skin and sweat et cetera over the years.

I was not liking what I was seeing and feeling, and so I did not want to spend another night here.

I kept looking around for insects and other nasty things as Alice and I talked and spent some time together in bed while some of my family watched TV to the left of us, I helped Alice out of bed and back in at least once, and then I noticed something above us at the top of where the headboard should be.

There was a box or something with maybe some foam padding in it, I saw the largest cockroach that I have ever seen moving in it, and then I saw two other cockroaches that were not as large but they were the size of the largest cockroaches that I have seen in real life.

The largest cockroach was a type of cockroach that we do not have where we are from, it looked more like a Madagascar hissing cockroach, I am not sure if the smaller cockroaches were the same kind or not because I immediately warned Alice and I picked her up out of bed while telling my brothers to get the fly swatter and some shoes to kill them with.

When two of them had their weapons, I grabbed the box and I threw it on the floor, the largest cockroach went up the wall and my brother CC tried to hit it with a shoe but it dodged by flying away out of sight.

CC hit the wall knocking some pieces of it off, we possibly killed one of the smaller ones, and then I picked up a shoe as we tried to find the big one and the other one or ones.

I hate roaches and want to kill them when I see them so I was a bit in berserk mode at the thought of them escaping and not knowing where they went, my heart started beating faster, I was disgusted, I wanted to find and kill all the cockroaches, and I was not going to sleep in this hotel room so I was going to ask for either a new room or our money back so that we could leave to another hotel.

There was no way that I was going to sleep in this room, even after we kill all the cockroaches, but I woke up from the panic and my heart was really beating faster and the real world and I was breathing harder in the real world as well.

The end,

-John Jr

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