A Transitioning Dream With Bows & Arrows

Here are my barely edited text notes that I made of my last dream on my mobile phone that I may finish editing later:

All that I can remember of this transitioning dream is that at some point in the dream during the day outside there was a boy with light-color skin with yellow hair who would let arrows be shot at him with a bow as someone films this.

I guess he had a YouTube or YouTube-like channel, and he was somewhat famous because so far no one had been able to shoot him with an arrow.

One day while outside he finally got shot with one or more arrows during day in a field, and maybe he quit the trying to avoid getting shot by arrows routine.

The dream possibly transitioned to the future with me arriving at a party in a building during the evening, and the party was hosted/was for a woman with light-color skin with yellow hair who seems to have replaced the boy from earlier in the dream so maybe this was him now older but was somehow a woman now (like the dream just changed this character completely without me noticing) but I am not sure.

She was probably retired from the bow and arrow thing still, but someone at the party caught her by surprise and shot her with several arrows.

She was alive but was in pain and limping, and she probably had to end the party to go to the hospital.

The next thing that I remember is walking through and outside a store that was connected to the building, and I remember looking at some tasty-looking candy bars that were chocolate with some interesting combinations that I can not remember; but I can not remember if I bought any or not.

I remember walking through an area where mostly people with medium-to-dark color skin were, the police showed up geared up riot/SWAT-like gear, and the police started harassing them for no reason.

I happened to be passing through so I got snatched up/arrested by the police along with the others, the police harassed and questioned us, and they took us inside a large room inside a building.

They locked us in the room and we had to survive as some people shot missiles or artillery-like weapons at us as the police laughed and taunted us like this was fun for them, I remember avoiding the missiles or whatever and their explosions by trying to predict where they would fall, and then we would attack each missile/artillery station that was maned by one or two people until we defeated them all.

Unfortunately this was not the end, suddenly an army of monkeys using ancient Chinese military tactics and ancient Chinese armor (some of them at least) and bows and arrows were released into the room, and then we had to battle them for our lives even though we were greatly outnumbered and we did not have weapons or armor probably.

We were doing good at first because they were just small monkeys, but there were too many of them and many of them had bows and arrows.

The situation seemed hopeless, this was life or death so I was going to fight until the end, and so I ran at the largest group of monkeys and I fought them wildly alone; and I was doing good, but there were so many that as I killed groups there were even more to replace them.

I lost consciousness, I thought that I died, but I woke up outside in a field during the day next to a woman who looked like Charlize Theron and another woman who looked like an overweight Charlize Theron-like woman.

There was something confusing where I was possibly a Charlize Theron-like woman for a brief moment but swapped back to being myself or when I woke up in the field she was close enough to me where my mind got confused for a moment because I was looking directly at her face, either way one of us had a man with light-color skin putting his hand over our face as we were waking up, and I quickly defeated him probably.

The woman I saved was unconscious briefly but woke up, the larger woman was already awake before us, and so I asked her did we win the battle and she said yes.

I asked the woman how did we win because the situation seemed mostly hopeless when I charged in and fought alone thinking that I was going to die fighting at least, she said that the others got inspired when they saw me fighting so well by myself, and so they charged in to fight too probably as I lost consciousness; and somehow they won the battle eventually.

I assume that after this we were allowed to leave the room and/or they fought the police too, I am not sure which, either way we survivors were outside in this field.

The dream transitioned to me and some other people being put in groups, and then I left with my group on foot during the evening or night to a nearby buffet that was about to close soon.

Outside the buffet a male employee with light-color skin said that they were going to close soon, and he would only let us in if we could gather enough people together in our group.

Enough people showed up and he let us inside, a man in the group approached me loudly telling me that I was not in his group (the group from earlier), and it sounded like he wanted to fight; but it was just a darker version of my male cousin BC joking around, I did not recognize him at first because his skin was darker, but when I recognized him we started laughing and we did a handshake/dap-to-half-hug.

We then went to the food bar where I saw some tasty desserts, especially pies, and you could buy some full-size pies as well.

I saw one pie that looked like maybe some kind of rice pudding pie with chocolate and/or something interesting like that, I wanted to buy a whole one, but I woke up as I looked around at the food.

The end,

-John Jr

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