Anders Norén To Design Twenty Twenty Default Theme Shipping In WordPress 5.3

Recently Sarah Gooding reported some good news at the WordPress Tavern about the upcoming Twenty Twenty default WordPress theme to be released in WordPress 5.3 in a post called Anders Norén To Design Twenty Twenty Default Theme Shipping In WordPress 5.3.

This is great news, Anders Norén has made some good free themes that I would be using today if they had some of the newer features and some options that I need in a theme, and so I am more hopeful that he will make a usable default WordPress theme.

I have been disappointed in the last several default WordPress themes, and so I hope that he can finally make one that I can use again.

Please have an excerpt option, please have the option to automatically show the first image in a post, please keep each section in the header on a separate line, please have a large enough site image, please have an image header option with new default images, please use large and thick and readable enough fonts, et cetera.

The end,

  • John Jr

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