Grendel’s Mother & A Building Collapse

I had more dreams that I remembered and there was more to this dream, but I did not record those dreams or this dream on time so now I can only remember part of this dream.

This dream jumped back and forth between my parents house and a fictional multi-story building that had a fictional version of The BP Library inside of it along with maybe some other places.

One part of the dream involved me being inside my parents house during the day, there was a fictional woman with light-color skin with maybe yellow hair who was possibly from an older time period in Europe who was in the living room, and she discovered a secret cave entrance when she was trying to get through the door that leads to the laundry room.

I was a dark cave that possibly had some water in it, as she walked through it she was attacked by some creatures (they possibly had scorpion-like tails, but I can not remember) who either stung or bit her, they were poisonous so the woman lost consciousness from the poison.

She was saved by Grendel’s Mother (played by Angelina Jolie) from the 2007 animated movie Beowulf, Grendel’s Mother gave her an antidote to the creatures poison (they were some of her creatures who guarded her cave it seemed) and she tore off the woman’s clothes so that her body could stay cooler I assume (it seemed that her body was going to get hot as a result of the poison and/or antidote), and she carried the now naked woman to the bed that is built into one of the living room couches.

Lyanna Kea | Beowulf animation | Voice acting + sound effect overdub

They were both naked, other than the probably gold paint-like stuff/real gold on Grendel’s Mother’s body, but I only saw them from the side as they returned to the living room so I did not see much nudity at all except for the side of their butts and Grendel’s Mother probably had a tail with maybe a barbed stinger at the end until she probably shapeshifted it away to look completely human.

The antidote worked, at some point the woman woke up still on the couch bed with Grendel’s Mother laying next to her as I stood across the room, and the woman saw that she was naked and she assumed that she had got raped earlier.

The woman was ashamed and felt like she was ruined now that she assumed that she had been raped, this seemed to be how her culture felt about rape, and so she started crying and saying bad things about herself.

Grendel’s Mother tried to comfort her and held her, I wondered why did she not tell her that she was not raped and that she was only poisoned by the creatures, I assumed that she was waiting for the woman to stop crying et cetera first before explaining what really happened; and if she did not then I was going to tell her.

The next thing that I remember is that I was at work during the day at a fictional version of The BP Library that was inside a fictional multi-story probably multi-purpose building that had a parking lot in front of it, one or more parking lots across the street by one or more fields, and it was in a more quiet area with more plants.

We had one or more new coworkers at work, one was a woman with light-color skin but I forgot what she told me that her name was, and the next thing that I remember is being back at my parents house again during the day.

My mom was working in the kitchen, my brother GC was taking a bath in the bathroom, my brothers TDC and KDC were probably in the living room or a fictional bedroom, and my male cousin DE showed up at the front door so I let him into the house.

No one else noticed this, my mom was busy and I assumed that he was here to ask her for something, and so I took him to the room of my brothers TDC and KDC to wait until my mom was finished because no one was using this room at this time.

At some point I left to another room to continue what I was doing, my brother GC left the bathroom naked to change clothes in his room, my dad showed up to use the bathroom and he got naked, and so I had to tell GC and my dad that DE was here so that they could get dressed before he sees them so they did.

I told TDC and KDC as well, then I told my mom after she was finished, and then she went to see what DE wanted.

The next thing that I remember is being back at work during the day, my fictional new female coworker was there and her boyfriend or husband who also had light-color skin was with her, and something happened where the building started to collapse.

There was a chaos and an emergency evacuation of the building and parking lots, there were so many people, and I remember my new coworker and her boyfriend/husband and I running for our lives to escape the building as it collapsed.

I led the way out as we dodged falling debris, we made it out alive to the parking lot and we got inside my automobile, and we had to try to avoid the traffic jam as we escaped to my parents house.

I was going to let them stay there with us briefly until it was safe to return to get their automobile(s), we drove to my parents yard, and my mom was at the main gate.

I introduced my mom to them, I could not remember the my coworker’s name, and after I asked her for her name which was different than the name that she had told me earlier it seemed.

I woke up as I asked her about this.

The end,

  • John Jr

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