Big Bird In The Dark | Strange Things & A Blind Date | Jealousy & Harley Quinn?

Scary Big Bird Caught on Camera!
Source: YouTube

Last night my brother GC and I watched some of the 2018 movie Hereditary before I went to sleep, I fell asleep on the couch after this for 1 – 2 hours but I did not record my dreams, and then I got in bed and had more dreams.

Watching part of that movie must have had an impact because I had some weird dreams that felt deeper and stranger than normal and I saw some strange things that shook me a bit that I can not remember, and one had an emotional impact that was stronger than the others and that lingered even after I woke up.

Unfortunately I did not record all of my dreams so many are forgotten, and most details from the remembered dreams are missing unfortunately (especially my memory of some strange things that I saw coming out of a building in my second dream).

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place inside my parents house between 12:00 AM – 2:00 AM (probably about 12:45 AM or not long after that), somehow I knew this in the dream, and I was in the dining room talking with my dad.

I am not sure what we were talking about but I know that we were having a good conversation that we were very focused on until I heard the doorbell ring, my dad did not hear it so he kept talking, and I walked over to look out the window by the front door to see if anyone was outside of it.

It was dark outside except for the front porch light that was partly lighting up the front porch, and standing on the front porch facing the door but further back near the steps was what looked like someone in a Big Bird costume or it was Big Bird or it was a Big Bird-like entity.

It was tall like you would expect Big Bird to be, I wondered why in the world would someone be ringing our doorbell wearing a Big Bird costume this early in the morning, and I had no idea who or what it was but I know that I was creeped out by this.

Whoever or whatever it was stared in my direction creepily, it was moving so it was not a statue, and so I quickly closed the curtains.

My dad was still talking so I told my dad that someone rang the doorbell, he then told me that he had not heard it, and then I told him that someone was on the porch wearing a Big Bird costume.

I was a bit creeped/freaked out so I grabbed a small tan wooden baseball bat that my parents used to have, I am not sure where it is now in real life, and I asked my dad whether we should answer the door or not.

I told my dad that it had probably seen me looking out of the window, I did not think that opening the door was a good idea, and so I suggested that we open the window in the kitchen (all of our windows have screens) to ask the person or creature what it wanted from the window instead of opening the door.

As we tried to decide whether to answer it or not I was in position with the baseball bat ready to run outside and attack it if it tried to get inside, and I even started to think about various attack strategies as I waited for my dad to decide what he would do.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream had some weird/strange stuff in it that I can not remember, maybe this is one of the dreams that shook me a bit, but unfortunately I can not remember most of it.

I remember being outside and sometimes inside a strange area where there was a strange 1 1/2 story building that probably changed several times that was on land near a body of water that had several tiny islands that were only big enough to hold a few people, and my dad and I were outside this building at some point at a distance.

We saw some strange things come out of that building, things that I can not remember unfortunately, other than barely a few details about the last group of things that we saw.

I possibly had went inside the building before this briefly, maybe it was a Chuck E. Cheese’s-like place for children at first and/or a small futuristic factory-like place and/or just a small strange building, and I remember us avoiding the strange things coming out of the building by keeping a distance and I remember using a boat to go out on the water and maybe on the islands to avoid the strange things leaving the building.

The last group of strange things that I saw were maybe some small silver metal maybe baby-like things/objects/robots/entities/creatures/whatever, I am not sure if they could walk or if they slid or if they floated but I know that they could move, but I am not sure if they were humanoid or if they were just oval-shaped like a oval baby-like thing that possibly looked like it was made of metal; but I was too far away to get a clear enough look at them.

I remember my dad and I saying something to each other to help each other avoid them, I can not remember if any of these weird things could cross the water or not, and I just remember avoiding them until they were gone.

Then I sneaked inside the building, the lights were on and the small first floor was mostly empty, and about was an area overlooking the first floor so I sneaked up there.

The building changed to a small movie theater-like setup slightly, many people started to arrive to take a seat, and so I sat down to blend in among them to see what was going on.

There was a woman with light-color skin with long brown hair sitting to my left who thought that I was her blind date, she started talking to me not hearing me when I said that I think she had the wrong person, and she continued on her assumed blind date without realizing this.

Things were going good so I did not bother to try to tell her again, I just went along with it, but I never did say that I was her blind date so she just assumed that.

I guess we were waiting for the movie or whatever to start, I am not sure if it started or not as we talked, I just know that she was talking when I saw a man with light-color skin walking up the stairs calling out like he was trying to find his blind date; and I assumed that this was the woman’s real blind date.

Instead of doing the right thing and getting his attention to see if he was indeed her real blind date, I did something that is not like me, and I decided to turn toward the woman blocking their view of each other while talking and making extra noise to drown out what he was saying as he walked up the stairs trying to find his blind date until he gave up and left I assume or he just took a seat somewhere disappointed.

I felt a bit bad about this and I wondered when or if I should tell the woman again that I was not her real blind date, things were going good and I did not want to mess this up, but if I told her later or if she found out later then that could also mess things up; and so I was not sure what to do.

I then decided to try to not worry about it now and just continue enjoying our date, we had a good time and afterward we exchanged email addresses and maybe phone numbers, and later in the dream we emailed each other but I am not sure what was said; and I once again thought about whether or when to tell her that I had not been her real blind date, and that her real blind date had possibly showed up during our date.

I wondered if a friend had set her up on that blind date or not, if so, then there was a chance that she would learn that I had not been her real blind date.

This worried me and I still was not sure what to do, I wanted to do the right thing but I did not want to mess things up because things were good, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The end of this dream possibly took place over several days or I just had false memories of being in this area on various days, it was possibly early morning and I would go to an outdoor area outside of a small diner or restaurant with some of my coworkers and maybe some other people, and we would hang out and some would eat inside the restaurant.

The feeling and location and false memories reminded me of back when I was in public school and I used to ride the school bus and when I would get off the bus in the morning walking through the bus stop then eat breakfast in the cafeteria then hang out with some of my classmates in the courtyard, but in this case it was some of my coworkers before work I assume.

To the right of the restaurant there was a wall and courtyard-like area where we would hang out among other people, I remember walking through this area wanting to talk to my female coworker JB, but near the end of the wall I saw her standing up against the wall very relaxed and looking and talking intensely with an unknown man with light-color skin with somewhat spiky yellow hair who somewhat reminded me of my former male classmate BJ; and they were having a very good and focused uninterrupted conversation.

My dreams last night felt deeper and stranger than normal, this dream was no exception except the emotions were more intense, and I felt jealousy/rejection/confusion/disappointment/sadness when I saw this that was stronger than any of the other emotions in my other dreams (even the life and death part at the end of this dream) and it impacted me even after I woke up.

I wondered who was this unknown guy and why was JB talking to him and why was she so relaxed and focused on their conversation/him (he was not her husband, he did not seem to be a family member, and he seemed to just be a random guy), she had went to him to start the conversation, and in my false memories I usually had to go to her to start conversation; and so I wondered why was she so comfortable and willing to start conversation with him instead of her own coworker.

I had hoped to talk to her but they were so focused on their conversation that I decided to not bother them, and I decided to got get something to eat at the restaurant instead.

I was still feeling those various emotions more intensely than normal, I wondered why would I feel emotions like that especially some jealously/rejection/disappointment/sadness/et cetera especially involving a coworker (especially one who is married), and so I basically rebuked myself and told myself that I was being silly and that I should not be feeling this way and I tried to push these emotions away.

I entered the restaurant still trying to recover from/deal with my feelings, this building had an entrance on the left that went past a narrow seating area left, in the middle to the right was a narrow seating area on the left with an exit at the end and the front counter on the right, and to the right of that was a narrow seating area on the left and right side that led to another exit.

A man with light-color skin with maybe short brown hair was at the front counter, I gave him my debit card to pay for my food, I did not have my food yet because you had to pick what you wanted then pay for it maybe.

The male employee took my debit card but then he walked toward the entrance to get something maybe, as I waited for him to return I noticed the entrance door open near him, and now it was darker outside like it was even earlier in the morning.

A Harley Quinn-looking woman or female entity had opened the entrance, she had a melee weapon (blunt or sharp) and she hit him with it brutally and blood shot out of the man as he was bashed or cut open, and she possibly pulled him outside and beat him to death in the darkness where we could not see.

Another employee grabbed a shotgun and ran to the door, maybe locked it and/or stood with the shotgun pointed at the door waiting for her to enter the restaurant to kill us all, and this employee was super scared.

Surprisingly she did not enter the restaurant as expected, which was even creepier, and so we were not sure where she was.

I heard chaos outside as she killed people in the darkness basically committing mass murder, I was scared at this point too and I did not even remember or think about the fact that JB and some of my other coworkers were outside in danger (it was not until later after waking up and recording this dream that I realized that I had forgotten about JB and the others, and so I wonder what happen to them; and why did I forget about them, and why was I afraid and did not think to defend against the threat like I normally would and my guess it that those various emotions had left me feeling very vulnerable/weak/distracted/et cetera), and now it was like a scary movie so I panicked like everyone else and I started running for my life.

I ran to the other exit on the left side of the building at the back, but a female employee and maybe one or more people held the door and stopped us from escaping because they did not want to risk letting her inside the restaurant.

We only briefly argued with them, we did not have time for this and this was life or death, and so I decided to run to the last exit that was behind me on the right at the other end.

Some other people followed me, I stopped wondering if she would be waiting outside to kill me, it was too dark to see if she was outside.

So I quickly opened the door and looked to my left and right, it was clear, but I did see and hear people running for their lives in the chaos.

As I started to try to run someone inside the restaurant grabbed me from behind, this annoyed me greatly and I told them to let me go and I tried to break free of them but they would not let go, and I turned around to see that it was my former female classmate NF.

I told NF to let me go, that I was trying to run for my life and that we needed to escape now before she comes over here, but NF seemed to be in shock or something.

I almost pushed NF off me because I got a bit angry because she was putting my life in danger, but I decided to save her too so I told her to jump on my back so she did.

She seemed too panicked to talk but she followed my command, and then I started to run for my life with her on my back.

We ran toward a concrete foundation in the distance that some other people were running across, but I woke up.

As you can imagine waking up from this combined with the previous lingering emotions left an impact with the previous emotions being the strongest, and this stayed with me until I got to work and I got to talk to JB and some of my other coworkers; and that helped a lot but there is still some lingering feelings and thoughts as I wonder about this and what it means to me and what I can/should do about it.

The end,

-John Jr

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