A House & A JobbyTheHong Skit & Sexual Assault | Snoop Dogg & Zelda Rubinstein

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and I had moved to a fictional house/building that seemed to be in an area that reminded me of the shopping center by W Park in the city of D, it was day, but it seemed that we had been living in this house/building for days/weeks/maybe months.

The house was possibly connected to the shopping center, at least the outer walkway, and I remember being inside the house talking with my parents.

I remember that my dad went to sweep up one of the rooms that we had not used, the floor was pretty dusty, and then I went to check another room that we had not used that was supposed to be blocked off from the outside where it opens to the walkway that connects to the shopping center.

We discovered that the door, screened door, and security door were open and the objects on the outside on the walkway were not blocking the door enough; and so it was possible that someone could have entered our house all of this time without us knowing, and so we went to fix this.

There were many old antiques and junk along the walkway in front of our house, I guess this house/building used to be an antique store and house maybe, and we had not cleaned it up yet for some reason.

I went outside the security door to move two large vending machine-like things in front of it to block the security door, my mom locked all the doors on the other side and was probably going to block off that side too, and then we were going to check around the house for any other security issues and look for signs of whether anyone had sneaked into our new house or not.

While I was still outside I was thinking how it was nice to have this new house, how this was an interesting location how things would look even better once we clean up, et cetera.

Then I remembered some false memories/maybe some memories of a past dream where my former male classmate SS and my former male classmate MS (SS’s brother) and their parents had moved into a former motel/hotel-like building in an area that possibly somewhat reminded me of the city of LC along P Lake Street combined with maybe somewhere from the city of D.

I had false memories of having visited them there, even riding with SS and MS in their automobile to and from the house, and it had a nice covered entrance and a parking lot and it was not near any houses so they had some privacy and space to make noise; and it was in a business/residential area.

I had an idea of how to get to the house but I could not remember for sure, and so I was going over my memories of my times there trying to remember how to get there because I wanted to go see if SS and MS and their family still lived there or not.

I had memories of us hanging out there with some of our other former classmates et cetera, and the next thing that I remember is maybe my brother GC and maybe a woman and I going to a convention.

We went to a room where we thought that Dashie (Charlie Guzman) was going to have a comedy skit, we had seen posters that made it seem that he would be there, but when we got there we only saw JobbyTheHong and another man who was somehow connected to Dashie in some way (not literally) and one or two other people who were in the skit.

Jobby was leading the skit, it dragged on too long and was not that funny, and Dashie never showed up to our disappointment; and so it seemed that we were mislead.

The next thing that I remember is possibly being back at the new house that my family lived at from previously in the dream, it was evening or night, and we were in a room that was possibly connected to the inside of the next building in the shopping center.

We seemed to be having a party or gathering, maybe a birthday or someone was getting married or a celebration or something, and this room was narrow with me sitting in a raised part of it across from my mom and behind us were doors leading to maybe a bedroom or another private part of the house like that.

Along this narrow room were chairs on the left and right sides against the walls, the room went downward lower and lower compared to the end that I was on, and at the end there was an opening to maybe the next building.

Most of the guests that we did not know who came with some of the people that we did know were down in the lower area the furthest away from us, near my mom was a man with medium-color skin who was possibly a fictional family member or soon-to-be family member, and he seemed to be maybe the person or one of the people who this party was possibly was for.

Another known guest was a fictional woman with light-color skin and her younger probably teenage sister who had light-color skin with long hair and was wearing too much makeup and was wearing a nice but somewhat short dress, and they were at the far low end.

Someone brought a guest who was possibly a former classmate/schoolmate of mine who was a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair who used to work at a mobile phone store in the city of D in this shopping center after we graduated from high school, she spoke out loud saying that she was about to go into the room behind us and she hoped that no one would mind, but my mom stopped her and told her to not go in there.

My mom did not want people wandering through the private parts of the house, some people were dressed up a bit and some were dressed casually, and people were talking et cetera.

The most relaxed guests were the unknowns showing up at the lower end, some of them seemed like college students who liked to party, and I am not sure which of our known guests invited them.

My guess is that they just wandered into our party from the connected building and/or from outside, and so maybe no one had invited them.

At some point I noticed one of the unknown college student-like guests talking to the younger sister of a known guest, it was a man with light-color skin who seemed too relaxed and like he had been drinking some alcohol, and so he was acting a bit flirty with the younger sister who seemed underage to me.

I then noticed something shocking where the man stood up and put his penis in the younger sister’s mouth when she was not looking, some people’s head got in the way so I could not see what happened next, but I heard a disturbance as I jumped up to go over there.

I was angry and annoyed and ready to beat this guy up, I was in protection mode at this point, and I assumed that the younger sister was underage which made it worse; and the fact that someone had the nerve to do this in our house also made it worse.

As I stormed down there I said some things out loud like: “No, Someone is about to get dealt with.”.

As I stormed down there I think that I saw the younger sister crying, her sister was angrily saying something to someone, and some other people had come to their aide.

I was not sure where the man was, there were several men down there, and so I wanted to confirm which man it was first before I confront them.

I wanted to beat them up but I stopped myself, I decided that I would confront them verbally to determine if they did it and have them explain themselves, and then I would make them get on the floor until police arrive; and if they failed to comply then I would use physical force to take them down and hold them until the police arrive, and if they resisted then I would beat them up.

But I woke up as I approached the chaos asking if the younger sister was okay, which man did this, where was he, et cetera.

Dream 2

This dream seemed to involve a family-like gathering inside a building where there were tables and chairs set up with food, drinks, et cetera.

We were sitting down talking et cetera, Snoop Dogg was there, and I was sitting near my male cousin ME and Snoop Dogg and a man with dark-color skin with black hair who was talking to Snoop Dogg.

We were talking about sports and maybe us playing a sport or game in a family match/competition.

Then Snoop Dogg and the man started to talk about struggles with the economy and in business for many members of the African American community, why many people in the African American community have it harder, and about the man’s side hustles/hustling to make money which included shinning (which I assumed to mean that he made and sold alcoholic drinks illegally).

They got interrupted when Zelda Rubinstein or her as her character Tangina Barrons from the movie Poltergeist interrupted them talking some mumbo jumbo, and I remember Snoop Dogg asking out loud: “Whose grandma or mom or auntie is this?”.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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