The Sovereign Blows Up A City?

I had more dreams and there was more to this dream, but I did not record them so now I barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream probably started in a city inside a building that was next to a body of water near it and below it, and I was inside this building with various people including: Grace Randolph, at least one man and one woman with light-color skin, maybe some of my family, and some other people.

I can not remember what we were doing inside the building, I just know that at some point Grace and one man and one woman with light-color skin and I started to walk out of the building, and Grace was holding her laptop.

We were talking and walking away from the building on our way to the end of the land which was higher in the air above the body of water below, there was a hill/drop that you could go down to reach the shore though, but then we heard a strange sound like something inside the city was going to blow up.

Grace and the others felt that the city was about to explode so we started to go down the drop/hill to avoid the blast, and then the city blew up and we survived surprisingly.

We went back up to the top of the land to see the damage, the city was not completely destroyed, but we assumed that everyone was dead.

Grace and the others assumed that The Sovereign had blown up the city, I asked who or what that was, and they told me that every city was run by an AI (artificial intelligence) called The Sovereign; and so I guess each city had its own The Sovereign AI that ran the city.

I asked them why would The Sovereign blow up the city that it ran, and so I assumed that maybe it was hacked and/or that this was a terrorist attack by someone else and/or someone did this trying to destroy The Sovereign AI that ran this city.

Grace and the others noticed that the building that The Sovereign AI’s hardware was housed in was not destroyed, and so they assumed that The Sovereign was still functional possibly even after the explosion.

Grace had her laptop open and said that she was going to use it to send a message to report the city being blown up et cetera, she then tried to open a program that I assumed was Microsoft Notepad, and I assumed that she wanted to type her message there first before copying and pasting it in an email or something like that.

At some point Grace mentioned that some of her text looked weird, and so I tried to help her find her settings but the interface looked a bit different and more complicated and like the GUI (graphical user interface) was glitching so we struggled trying to find the correct settings.

We found a setting to change to UTF-8, that seemed to fix the text but then some of it was spaced out like word wrap was not enabled or something, and so we continued trying to find that setting and the font settings and the main settings.

We found the word wrap setting but we did not find the others, then Grace wanted to save the message first, and then we struggled trying to do that.

I assumed that Grace needed to restart her computer or the program or that something was wrong with her graphics card or that this was not really Microsoft Notepad or something like that.

We assumed that we saved the message but I told Grace to leave the program open just in case, and then she went to send her message but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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