An Alien Invasion / Message? | Work | Illegal Weapons | Almost Blue

Unfortunately I did not record some of my dreams until the end, and so some dreams are forgotten and some parts of the ones that I did remember part of are forgotten and unclear now including the most interesting of the dreams.

Dream 1

There were more details to this dream that I remembered but I kept going back to sleep and waking back up without recording the details unfortunately, and so now I have forgotten some of those details.

A forgotten part of the dream possibly involved school or college, and then I remember being at W Park in the city of D during maybe the evening.

As I walked around I noticed many of my former classmate and schoolmates around the park, many I have not seen in years, and I remember noticing many of them and how I had not seen some of them since high school or longer.

I probably briefly talked with some of them, near the end one of them had a friend who was younger than us with light-color skin with short yellow hair, and maybe he had been a younger former schoolmate of ours who(m) I did not know about but I can not remember.

This classmate’s friend and I continued walking and talking as we left the park, we talked and walking by a parking lot, and then we stopped at a small tower that had a ladder so that he could use the bathroom because it was a tiny bathroom with an open entrance.

I stayed in the entrance facing the outside overlooking the parking lot as he used the bathroom as we continued talking, after he finished we briefly talked, and as we were leaving he gave me his phone number because he wanted to hang out again in the future.

I then went to a nice modern tall multi-story apartment in a fictional large city with tall buildings where I lived with most of my family, and my mom and my brother GC and my brother TDC and KDC were there.

It was possibly night or still evening, I remember needing a bath, but before taking a bath I decided to stare out of the glass windows/walls that had a nice view of the city below from maybe the living room.

While I was doing this I noticed some UFOs (unidentified flying objects) that appeared to be spacecraft/spaceships suddenly show up in the sky, they looked more advanced than our current technology but not as advanced than you would expect, and I wondered if they were alien spacecraft/aircraft.

At some point the UFOs started to attack the city, like they were just sending a message and not showing their true capabilities, and so they were only shooting parts of some buildings with what seemed to be missiles and other projectiles and maybe lasers.

I told my family to back up and get ready to evacuate now, I still needed to take a bath, and so this bothered me even more and I remember trying to decide if I had time to take a bath first before evacuating or not.

In the chaos my mom suggested that we not evacuate now, it would be too dangerous and traffic would probably be jammed, and I felt that she was correct so we continued packing.

The UFOs paused their attack waiting for the military to show up it seemed, and then their was a short aerial battle between military aircraft and UFOs; and the UFOs probably left once they made their point, and then we turned the TV on to see the news.

The news was talking about the UFOs attacking, they possibly called it an alien invasion of Earth, that aliens were behind the attack, and that the aliens had sent a message and this attack was possibly part of the message showing that this was only a taste of what they could do if they wanted to.

The news had a name for the assumed aliens, I am not sure if the aliens had referred to themselves by this name or if the news made up this name, but I know that it started with a V and maybe is sounded like Vivelians or Viveliens or Veliens but I can not remember now after waiting too late to record this dream.

And maybe there was talk of maybe a man named maybe Victor (maybe Victor Rich or someone like that) who possibly was involved somehow with this situation, maybe he set this up somehow and/or had planned on meeting with the aliens; but I can not remember.

I woke up as we watching the news while still preparing to be ready to evacuate if necessary.

Dream 2

This dream involved me arriving at work at The BP Library in The IT Department, and I was greeted by my supervisor Mrs. JR.

Mrs. JR made a joke about me working too much the previous day when she was not there, and then we talked briefly.

I then walked to a slightly fictional version of the break room, and my female coworker CR approached me telling me that The Shelving Department wanted to have a meeting with The IT Department.

CR seemed cautious and did not really want to tell me what they wanted to talk about other than mentioning something involving security and them wanting to suggest some changes, and so I told her that I would talk to Mrs. JR about trying to set up this meeting.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved me going to a one-story house with a woman, she was going to buy something, but I had no idea what.

We arrived at the house and we went to a bedroom, and a man with light-color skin and several others greeted us and they were dressed like and seemed to be members of a Latino gang.

The main man sat on the bed and started to show the woman various melee weapons and guns that he had for sell, all illegal I assumed, and I wanted nothing to do with this.

I regretted being there, I wish that she would have told me this or I would not have went with her, but now I felt stuck here because if I tried to leave or something the gang members would probably try to kill me or something; and so I tried to act normal and just stand there waiting as she looked at the various weapons.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream involved a woman (possibly a jazz musician) with light-color skin performing the song Almost Blue on stage, and someone else and/or I were playing the instrumentals as she sang.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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