My Coworker JB & A Text Message | My Coworker Mrs. CHR’s Old VHS Birthday Video

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I had just gotten back from work (which I was at in the forgotten parts of the dream) and I was inside maybe a house with some of my family, and my brothers TDC and KDC were younger.

At some point TDC walked into the room to tell me that my female coworker JB had said that she wanted me to call her, I was confused by this for a moment, and so I checked my mobile phone to see that earlier during the forgotten parts of the dream I had sent her a work related text message that had a link in it.


Luther – Alice Acts Like Roadrunner [Meep-Meep]

Luther – Alice Acts Like Roadrunner [Meep-Meep]

What is it?

Today’s video is another video from my YouTube Alice Morgan Playlist, this scene is from the television show Luther, this video is by the YouTube channel Nei1as, and it is called Luther – Alice Acts Like Roadrunner [Meep-Meep]:

What is it about?

This is how Nei1as describes this video:

Alice acts like Roadrunner [Meep-meep]