Cuck (Film)

What Is It?

The 2019 American thriller movie Cuck.

Cuck Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Indie
CUCK: Feature Film Teaser (Mature Audiences)

What Is It About?

Here is how Wikipedia describes this movie:

Ronnie, a loner who lives with his possessive mother, is deemed unfit for military service due to his history of mental instability and petty crime.

Retreating into the world of extremist internet groups, he creates a vlog channel, from which he decries what he describes as the downfall of “real America”.

Meanwhile, prompted by sexual frustration, he agrees to play the role of cuckold in a couple’s homemade amateur pornography.

He buys an unregistered handgun and begins to spend time at firing ranges.

He meets his online idol, a charismatic leader of the alt-right.

However, when his identity as a “cuck” emerges, his macho persona is destroyed.

Facing online shaming, Ronnie takes solace in his gun, which he regards as the only symbol of masculinity he has left.

This is how Metacritic describes this movie:

Starring: Albert AbrahamDavid DiaanHugo ArmstrongJessica AndresMonique ParentPatrick MaloneSally KirklandTimothy V. MurphyTravis HammerZachary Ray Sherman

Summary: Brooding Ronnie lives with his mother in a run-down section of Van Nuys.

Unstable and isolated, he binges on popular Alt-Right vlogs and creates his own video channel on the downfall of “real America.”.

In a world where opportunities are few, Ronnie rages, fueling his anger with pornography, racism, and delusion: a toxic cocktail waiting to explode.

Exploring the themes of twisted patriotism and sexual dysfunction, Cuck sheds light on 2019 Trump America and its roots in our society.

Director: Rob Lambert

Genre(s): Drama, Thriller, Romance, Crime

Rating: NR

Runtime: 115 min

Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland & Zachary Ray Sherman on their New Drama “Cuck”
Cuck: Monique Parent Red Carpet Interview

My Thoughts

I would not have known about this movie if it were not for me seeing a thumbnail for it on an online streaming video website.

From the look of the thumbnail and the description for the video, I thought that it was a documentary or something, and so I watched a movie trailer for it.

The movie trailer looked like it was going to be a better movie than I had expected, and so my brother GC and I started watching part of it before Toonami yesterday, and we finished the movie this afternoon.

This movie was filmed and acted better than I had expected, the music was better than expected, and even though the film was a bit slower and longer than expected the pacing still worked.

This movie was more of a character study I think, it did a good job not exactly picking a side while also showing that this was not a good thing, especially with how it ended.

Some bad things about this movie was that it had the most masturbation in any movie that I have ever seen, it basically became partly a softcore (soft core) porn film at times, which hurt this movie in my opinion.

I wish that they had better used that time to better explore some of the topics and things that this movie presented.

Besides that this movie was better than we had expected, hopefully more critics will watch and review this movie and talk about this movie because it is worth talking about these issues.

I would probably rate this movie a 3.5 out of 5.

Monique Parent and Zachary Ray Sherman had the standout performances in this movie, especially some of Mrs. Parent’s facial expressions/acting in the swimming pool scene.

Cuck Movie Review
Cuck reviewed by Mark Kermode

The end,

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