Sunshine Blogger Award

Today’s post is my overly simplistic response to The Otaku Judge’s Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge from their post Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge.

What is the worst film you’ve ever seen in theaters?

The Happening.

What is the best film you’ve ever seen in theaters?


What do you feel is the greatest compilation of collected works in your collection?

My music collection.

What is your favorite opening theme to a television show?

That is a good question, unfortunately I am not sure because I unfortunately have not added that many opening themes from television shows to my music collection, and so I currently do not have an answer for this question; but I usually like the ending credits for television shows better than the opening credits.

Have you ever been invested in a series only to be heartbroken when it was cancelled?

Yes, sadly, this has happened more times than it should have.

Thank you for the questions and the nomination The Otaku Judge.

-John Jr

4 replies on “Sunshine Blogger Award”

Thank you for answering my questions. Inception at the cinema must have been quite the experience. I watched the movie at home so I can only imagine what the effects were like on a big screen.

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Hello The Otaku Judge,

You are welcome, and I am sorry for lacking details in my responses.

Yes it was, I saw it twice in movie theaters, it was more like how I expect movies to be like in a movie theater; it was an amazing experience, but the second time my former male classmate JC went to sleep during it but I still enjoyed it equally or more as the first time that I had watched it.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hello The Otaku Judge,


I forgot to mention yesterday that your comment helped me remember to add something to this post about how I usually like ending credits theme songs better than opening credits theme songs.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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