Decompression & KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen | Talking About Lucid Dreaming In A Bathroom

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at a slightly fictional version of The BP Library at work, and I was sitting in the break room talking with someone who was telling me about scuba diving.

They told me a scuba diving story about how they had went scuba diving with a woman, something went wrong and the woman tried to rush to the surface without decompressing first, and maybe she died later but I can not remember.

This person stressed to me the importance of decompression/decompressing, but this person got interrupted by my coworker Mrs. JM who started talking to me about maybe printer settings or something like that.

Mrs. JM got interrupted by my female coworker JB who started to talk to me about something that she wanted to show me, JB told me to watch and she showed me her arm, and she started to put what I assumed to be sunscreen or lotion on a small part of it that she wanted me to smell and maybe touch to feel the texture of it.

JB was pretty excited about this and after smelling it but not touching it I correctly guessed that it was the KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen, but then we got interrupted by a female patron with light-color skin who needed help so I followed the woman as she led me away.

The female patron led me to a small windowless fictional staff room with a desk and Henry Cavill or a Henry Cavill-like man was sitting in front of the desk, I can not remember if someone was sitting behind the desk, and there were small monkeys or apes around the room.

Mr. Cavill or the Mr. Cavill-like man started to command/order the monkeys or apes around, somehow he or his voice/tone had the power to control them or they would listen to him, and maybe it seemed that he would be villainous with this ability and maybe he ordered them to do something bad as a test but I can not remember; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it seemed to take place at a school, I was inside a small narrow classroom with some other students, and our teacher was a woman with light-color skin who I probably knew but I can not remember who she was now.

At some point our teach left the room, I needed to urinate so I took this time to go to the bathroom that was connected to our classroom, I opened the door to the bathroom that led downward because the bathroom went down a slope or was in a sunken area.

Our classroom and this bathroom was probably between two different hallways, the bathroom was dimly lit, on the left were the sinks and urinals and a TV and sitting area, on the right were maybe two or three stalls, and at the end was something that was possibly a door but I was not sure at this point because there was no handle or anything.

The entrance was lit the best so I turned on another light switch and then the entire bathroom was lit evenly, and I noticed that the bathroom looked surprisingly nice and maybe it was carpeted or just had darker colors and/or some wood tones with nice fabric and gold trim or something like that.

I wondered why was there a TV and sitting area in this bathroom so this distracted me, I turned on the TV and it worked, and then my male cousin DE entered the bathroom and I started showing him the TV while talking; and then the YouTuber Phillip Scott from the YouTube channel African Diaspora News Channel entered the bathroom and joined our conversation.

Somehow we started to talk about dreaming and then lucid dreaming, neither of them had had a lucid dream before, and so I explained what it was and how you can do almost anything and I gave some examples of some of the dream powers that I have used et cetera.

DE was especially interested in my dream power of making dream characters disappear from a lucid dream, and he wanted to know if you could make more than one dream character disappear from a lucid dream at the same time; but we got interrupted by a younger male student with dark-color skin who entered the bathroom from another door at the back of the bathroom that connected to the other hallway so that was a door.

We then turned off the TV and we started walking back to our classroom still talking, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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