A Briefly Lucid Dream Where Someone Robs The IT Department?

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Dream 1

This was one of the last dreams that I remembered when I fell asleep on the living room couch.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was in a large dorm room, and my male cousin DE walked into the dorm room; maybe we both lived there, but I can not remember.

At some point DE fell asleep or lost consciousness on the floor, maybe in the hallway outside our room, I assumed that he had fallen asleep even though I thought that it was strange that he would sleep on the floor like that instead of one of the beds that were in the dorm room.

At some point DE woke up briefly, he made a mess and went back to sleep, and then my uncle CE showed up at the door; and CE noticed the mess, and he asked who made it.

DE woke up and said that he did not know, CE replied that only the two of us were there, and so it had to be one of us; I just nodded signaling that it was DE, and then I asked DE if he had remembered waking up and making the mess.

DE replied that he did not remember, it seemed that he had possibly lost consciousness and briefly partly woke up still out of it when he made the mess, and then I noticed some ants in the dorm room making a trail that reached the top of a bed.

I went to find some insect poison and if I could not find any I was going to ask CE, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was one of the last dreams that I remembered when I fell asleep on the living room couch.

The end of this dream took place inside a fictional version of The BP Library, I was there working closer to the far end of the left side of the building, and I was not too far away from an area that looked like the checkout areas at a store that had conveyor belt-like things with a computer/cash register on the other side of each one.

The library had a narrow rectangular design, my coworker Mrs. MB was there, and then I saw my female coworker JB walking across the library like she was returning from lunch.

JB was looking forward and was looking straight ahead with maybe a neutral-negative vibe as she walked, she walked to the wall at the end of the left side, and she went to the last checkout area to maybe clock back in on a computer it seemed.

Mrs. MB walked over to JB and tapped her on the shoulder and she said something to her, and JB turned and her eyes seemed watery/teary like she had been crying or was going to cry or they were just wetter than usual; but from the brief facial expression, her tone, her response, et cetera I assumed that she was in a bad mood and that something was bothering her.

JB replied: “In my defense…” but I could not hear the rest.

I hoped that JB was okay, and so I tried to listen to hear what they were saying.

I told myself not to jump to any conclusions, maybe I was misreading her and maybe she was okay, but I woke up as I tried to listen to their conversation from a distance as I did whatever I was doing.

Dream 3

This was the last dream or were the last dreams that I remembered after I got in bed after waking up from sleeping on the living room couch, part of this dream possibly became a lucid dream or semi-lucid dream, but I can not remember if I woke up and went back to sleep and continued it or was it all just one continuous dream that started normal and then became lucid and then became normal again.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was working at a fictional version of The BP Library that was inside a small mall-like building with a parking lot that was right outside the employee areas of the library, and I was working inside The IT Department which was in a small room that was across from the glass employee entrance/exit that went to the parking lot.

My female coworker KE was in the room with me, but at some point she left to take her lunch break it seemed.

She went outside to the parking lot, and I saw her leaving in an old-style rectangular light green/blue convertible car.

It looked like it might rain or it possibly briefly lightly rained, and so I wondered how she was going to deal with that with the top down like that.

I walked back into The IT Department, I could still see outside into the parking lot through the glass door(s), but then I saw something strange moving fast across the parking lot toward our employee entrance/exit.

It was a wooden pallet on wheels, and on top of it was a small custom-made RC (radio-controlled) car or land-based drone with a video camera on the top of it.

The wooden pallet slammed into the sidewalk which allowed the RC car to start driving toward our employee entrance, and there was possibly a small air-based drone in the parking lot causing another distraction but I am not sure about that one.

It seemed that someone was trying to use the RC car to get inside the library, I felt that this was a trap to get me to go outside as a distraction, but I went outside anyway to try to see who was controlling it.

I did not see anyone and so I went back inside, but the RC car got inside before the door could close so I had to put it back outside.

This and something else distracted me, and when I returned inside the library something strange had happened like someone was somehow controlling everyone as another distraction.

The employee areas were simply one hallway with rooms on the right side, at the end it curved right to a small corner, and then turned right to a door that led to the main areas of the library; and this area was mostly windowless except for the entrance and maybe near it.

What I saw when I entered the employee areas again was so strange that I probably somewhat noticed the strangeness of the dream and I felt that someone or something was behind this, and so the dream probably became a lucid dream or semi-lucid dream at this point.

I saw fictional coworkers (none of my real coworkers were there at this point fortunately) having sex in rooms and along the hallway, many were naked, and in The IT Department I saw a man with light-color skin and two women with light-color skin having sex but I could not see their faces because each of them were in the way of seeing their faces but I do remember one of the women had long light-brown hair.

I continued walking down the hall glancing around wondering what in the world was going on, I seemed to be the only person not impacted by whatever was causing everyone to have sex like this, but I decided to join in since I probably knew or partly knew or felt that this was probably a dream.

There was a naked woman with light-color skin with maybe brown hair to my left, I walked over and signaled and/or asked her if she wanted to have sex, and she took my hand and I picked her up and carried her down the hall.

We were making out a bit while I walked and we possibly started to have sex as we reached the end curve outside the door that led to the main areas of the library, in this last corner some women were making out, and I was still holding the woman and her butt was in my hands as I held her and I could feel this and it felt pretty real.

Another woman with light-color skin in this corner who had light-color skin caught my attention, I signaled to her about having sex, and her and another woman who she had been making out with walked over to us.

I was now holding the other woman in both of my arms horizontally while I started to began to make out with and try to have sex with the other woman, and then I put the woman that I was holding down; but then the dream possibly started to destabilize and/or whatever was controlling everyone stopped, but I can not remember if I woke up and then went back to sleep and continued the dream or if it continued without me waking up and going back to sleep.

Either way the spell or dream craziness ended when the dream stopped being an assumed lucid dream or semi-lucid dream, everyone returned to normal, and then my female coworker KE returned from her lunch break and my coworker Mr. JM showed up in The IT Department saying that someone had robbed it.

Mr. JM was in The IT Department with three men who were wearing light-blue short sleeve police/security guard-like uniform button shirts, I thought that they were the police or something, and so I started trying to tell them about the RC car or drone and the weird stuff that had just happened but they kept interrupting me until they revealed that they were not the police.

After they left I told Mr. JM everything and I told KE, I guess I was correct about the RC car et cetera being a distraction to get me away from The IT Department, and the sex thing was probably another distraction to give them time to take whatever they took from The IT Department.

I wanted to report this to the police, and I remember the three of us leaving to walk through the mall-like parts of the building.

My former male classmate JS seemed to be a manager and/or owner of a store that was near our library inside the building, I saw him standing inside dressed up, but it looked like they were going out of business because most items were gone and there was a big sale and I saw all the workers doing something.

We kept walking, I am not sure where we went, I just remember us walking back and noticing that all the workers in JS’s store were having a large meeting/event with the owners et cetera.

They had many tables and chairs, they had food et cetera, there was a stage and big screen, and the main owner was giving a speech.

The main owner was a man with light-color skin, I remember hearing the name Lucifer and I recognized someone else there but I can not remember who, but maybe it was Lucifer Morningstar but I am not sure.

I just know that the main owner of the franchise and many others, maybe Lucifer, was making it sound like everything was okay and like maybe this business was not going to close down or maybe it was going to become a new business where maybe the employees could still work at.

We sat at the end of a table with Mr. JM to my left and KE to my right at the end of the table, some desserts were in front of us, and I wanted the last cinnamon roll but KE got it so I ate a donut hole or something.

Something did not feel right though, hearing the name Lucifer mentioned several times like he was the main owner and how grand his speech was, I felt that if we ate this food then maybe it was like us making a contract with the devil or we would have to give him something in return for his generosity so I was not sure if I should eat some of this nice looking food or not.

The desserts were on a nice silver plate and it felt a bit like a scene from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth:

I probably warned the others to wait a moment before eating, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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